Monday, March 29, 2010

Why Are So Many Viewers Hooked On American Pickers?: Lessons From Mike And Frank About Picking Antiques And Collectibles

March 29th Episode Of American Pickers: "Alabama Bigfoot" and "Know When to Fold"

Simon Cowell of American Idol And The American Pickers

Judging American Pickers

Here is what I imagine Simon Cowell might say about The American Pickers Mike and Frank: "If I'm being totally honest ...the show is too PREDICTABLE....karaoke for Pickers...ordinary.... a couple of garden variety junk addicts who need to know when to fold".

Aside from one bright moment this week when the pickers discover a bizarre collection at the Alabama Museum of Wonder where everything--including a gigantic head from a Piggly Wiggly mascot--is for sale, the show's theme of old bikes, car parts and vintage signs continues business as usual.

Why Are So Many People Watching American Pickers on Monday Nights?

So why are so many people watching this show? Why am I watching The American Pickers show? I like the guys and so do lots of people (over 4 million). In fact the reality T.V. stars Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz are currently filming a second season. So what's up with this show ? Why are we hooked. Perhaps we are all learning a few things. Here are some things I jotted down about what I have learned so far about the American Pickers.

What You Can Learn From The American Pickers on The History Channel

1. Go picking with a television crew so sellers will answer their door with enthusiasm.

2. When you find something that looks valuable.....sneak out of the barn, attic, basement and call several expects who just happen to be standing by for your call.

3. Always have major buyers (who are as crazy as you) ready to purchase the junk you just found.

4. Have a back up truck nearby to cart off the stuff that can't possibly fit into your van.

5. Keep several changes of clothes on hand so you can always look crisp and clean despite crawling around in cobwebs, dirt and rodent feces.

6. Bring along paramedics so that when you get bitten by a poisonous snake or stung by a killer bee you have adrenaline on hand.

7. Make sure you arrange for an open credit line so that you can stay in nice hotels, eat out and maintain your Mercedes truck.

8. Hold the Wall Street journal while you are away on your picking trip, so thieves don't break into your storage shed and steel your rusty bikes and old signs.

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  1. Funny! Although, I really enjoyed the shows last night and the new 30 minute format.

  2. Hey love your blog!! I'm a dealer living in Long Beach, California with a mall space at The Wertz Brothers Antique Market in Santa Monica...I can always use new tips and new ideas...I'm a follower!!

  3. Yes, I think I will try all of these tips! LOL!

  4. This is so funny. We love to watch. Mostly making fun of how much they pay for things. "What you want $20 for that, I'll give you $25." They are living our dream. I think that's why we like watching. Have a nice Easter! Twyla

  5. You know I never miss an episode of this show. But I agree with your Simon Cowell comments. It is a little bit staged and planned. I was a picker many years ago and miss it terribly. I've been chased by dogs, yelled at,lost and even have fallen though some floors. But a picker should go everywhere. NOT just arranged meetings with hoarders. I'd love to see them at an auction or even a yard sale. I love the personalities but the venue is getting a little thin. Could still be a major hit show or could fizzle out in another season. Mix it up guys, I'm tired of bikes.