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Tips About Buying And Selling Garden Collectibles And Vintage Pottery Planters And Vases

Hurry Up And Beat The Garden Rush: Scoop Up Pottery Vases And Planters Now

Hurry...if you are looking for pottery vases and planters, now is the time to buy them before the garden season is truly here. Always try to shop for items you really want in the opposite season.

Garden Collectibles Are Hot

For example chances are that you will get a much better deal on a vintage watering can in November than in June. The same theory holds true for planters and vases. Scoop these treasures up in the winter before the rest of the world in is garden mode.

Display Vintage Vases And Planters By Color In Your Shop

If you own an Antique shop, it makes sense to group the same color vases and planters together. Many shoppers have collections of pottery in the same color palette and may buy more that one piece of pottery if they see their favorite colors grouped together. Also you can blend several shades of a similar color together, such as aqua with darker jade colors. Sometimes using two contrasting colors together is very effective.

Pastel Colored Vintage Pottery Vases And Planters Are Popular

You can have collections of "pink", "white" "yellow", "aqua" etc. Try to keep the same era together. And remember, planters and vases can be used in so many areas of the home.

Retro Vintage Baby: Using Pottery in The Baby Nursery

I learned that new moms like to use pastel colors in their vintage nursery. So consider integrating pretty vintage pink, yellow, green, aqua vases and planters with your retro baby collectibles. It's always important to show your customers how they too can use collectibles in home decor.

Mix Up Shapes And Sizes Of Vintage Pottery Vases And Planters

Also mix up the sizes and shapes when displaying vases and planter. Once again, one way to encourage customers to buy more from you is to show them how nice a collection of pottery looks together. Ceramic bowls and Tea Pots also look great along with vases and planters. You can turn a pottery bowl over and use as a pedestal for other objects.

Visit The T-Cozy For Inspiration

If you really want to be inspired about creating a wonderful collection, visit
The T-Cozy and you will see some fabulous photos of aqua pottery.

Setting Up A Garden Collectibles Area In Your Shop

It really isn't too early to get the garden displays going in your shop. Consider taking a nice sunny spot in your shop and turning it into a garden collectibles area. you can have several dealers participate in this display if you are part of a group shop.

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  1. I have visited Susan over at the TCozy, and yes she does have a fabulous collection. I am so glad that I found your site because it is so informative and fun!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Thanks for these tips! I hope to have my own booth some day! ♥

  3. Love this article! Pretty pretty pretty pottery! And thanks so much for the T-Cozy link!

  4. I want everything in these pictures! Love them. Karin

  5. I just love old McCoy planters and other mid-century pottery like you have pictured. Those colors are so fabulous!