Friday, March 12, 2010

Freshen Up Your Cottage Style With Aqua And Coral Color Combinations: Ideas From Michele's Cottage Gifts And Antiques, Plantsville, Connecticut

Fun, Funky, Whimsical Cottage Style: Mixing Aqua And Coral Colors In Furnishings And Accessories: Now Featured At Michele's Cottage Antiques In Plantsville, Connecticut

Freshen up your cottage style decor with aqua painted furniture and coral painted walls, This color combination is delicious and perfect for relaxed living. And you can find so many vintage accessories to compliment this whimsical palette. Many collectibles and textiles from the 1950s showcased these popular colors,often called "desert colors" .
Rich Pastels
Colors Of Coral And Aqua

While you often find cottage style furnishing in softer pastel colors, Michele of Michele's Cottage Antiques in Plantsville, Connecticut likes her pastels rich and colorful. She also likes to paint vintage accessories in some of the same colors as her furniture so that customers can easily coordinate accents pieces with their dressers, vanity tables, chairs etc.
Her painted pieces are exceptional.

Retro Aqua Vintage Birdcage

My favorite find on my recent rip to Michele's was the aqua painted bird cage. I really would adore having this retro birdie condo. But then I would have to buy the dresser and the barkcloth lamp and all the other great re-cycled collectibles and furnishings. You know, I may just go back to Michel's tomorrow and buy the whole room...stay tuned.

Michele's Cottage Gifts
And Antiques
53 Main Street
Plantsville, CT

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  1. Funny, I never thought about using aqua and coral together. I have been trying to find a place to use aqua in my house with no luck. My dining room is coral. Hmmmm! I might have to pull those pieces out of the cabinet and try again!

  2. Gorgeous! I have come to the conclusion that all colors work together! ♥

  3. Nice job as always Diane, i have found so much inspiration with this color this Spring as it's a large part of my collection. Thanks so much for sharing yours. I love it!

  4. I love it! There are variations of aqua. Somehow I get turquoise and aqua mixed up.