Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Junking Along With The American Pickers: But Where Is The Powder Room?

Junking Along With The American Pickers:

Last night I watched American Pickers on The History Channel. If you have been keeping up with this series, you know that real life pickers, Mike and Frank (childhood friends) find themselves in some really Down n Dirty backyards, cellars, attic crawl spaces....you get the point.

ing "Guy" Junk

These fellas seem to love "guy stuff" and get excited about rusty oil cans and signs, cob webbed lanterns, vintage gas pumps, crumbling posters etc.

Looking To Make A Quick Buck On Good Junk

Mike and Frank poke around in lots of creepy places searching for the kind of treasures that they know they can turnover for a quick buck. Of course the cameras are rolling and these made for T.V. pickers are on their best behavior "charming their prey" before they make their kill !

"The Pickees" Are As Savvy As "The Pickers"

But one thing seemed pretty obvious, "the pickees" were as savvy as "the pickers". Long gone are the days of clueless sellers. But even stubborn sellers didn't deter the master pickers who were always up for a good challenge. And what's up with the Tea Party ? While the curmudgeon was probably hiding the really good stuff, his daughters were serving Mike and Frank tea as a diversionary tactic. But please tell me.... don't the daughters have" gal junk" hidden somewhere?

Where is The "Girl Stuff" ?
Lets be honest with each other, didn't you really want to tag along with these guys perhaps wandering off in the kitchen or powder room while they were poking around in a backyard swamp or secret dungeon? I would have been curious to see what "gal stuff" I could find that might have been tucked away in an old cupboard or cabinet ?

Oops, The Pickers Got Their "White Elephant"

But Mike and Fran have other treasures in mind. As the show promo reads " a pickers goal is to find a diamond in a rough-a rare and valuable piece of American History" . Last night they dug out a hunk of junk that was once a bicycle, now a mangled mess. Oops..the pickers got a white elephant.....welcome to the club....next time try the jewelry box!

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  1. Diane, I love watching this show! I'm with you - where's the girl stuff! They need to start sending Danielle out on runs!

  2. This is my favorite show. I was upset that I had to miss it last night because I wanted to start a Twitter group. At first, I thought, these guys are taking advantage of these old people's stuff and getting the goods for nothing, but then they grew on me. I could see that they actually liked the people they were shopping for. And honestly, most of that stuff would have rotted away anyway. Yes, my heart palpitates when the doors fling open into a darkened room, full of junk. I wanted to be there, too.


  3. I'm so happy to have discovered this show, catching it quite by accident when my son left the channel on after watching an episode of "Pawn Stars". I've seen every episode so far and just love watching where and what they'll turn up. And as much as I love "girl stuff" (and deal in it), I enjoy seeing these men in their element, scrounging for things that interest them and their clientele. So often I see disinterested husbands/boyfriends dragged into the antique mall where I rent booths wind up killing time sitting and drinking coffee while the ladies shop; it's a rare one who gets atwitter over a set of Hazel Atlas drinking glasses or some cute anthropomorphic dishtowels. I like this show because it gives me a bit of insight into what sorts of things might get the men to contemplate opening their wallets.

  4. I watched it for the 1st time this past Monday. I saw 3 episodes and loved it.
    It seemed to me they were picking their best stuff from people who would be considered 'pickers' in their own right.
    One thing that bothered me. I know A LOT of pickers and consider myself one. I don't know many who drive around in a Mercedes Box truck and stay in nice hotels.
    Oh, I loved Pawn Stars also.

  5. Hey, thanks so much for the visit to my blog! I'll have to thank Troy for sending you over. :-)

    I've watched every episode of Pickers except this weeks show. I'm more of a scaveneger like the guys, I'd much rather dig through a mountain of junk than peruse a bunch of twee tchotchkes. Having said that, I do get a little weary of all the motorcycle/bicycle/automotive junk.

    Great post!

  6. I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by! You've got a lovely blog here!

  7. I really like your blog and thanks for stopping by mine. I recently saw an episode of that show and all I could think was how much fun it would be to have that job. I agree, though, it's all "guy" stuff. But, hey, if I had a place to put big rusty metal things I would probably haul them home too. ;o]

    Take care!

  8. I've watched every episode of The Pickers and love it. I wouldn't mind a little bit of "GAL" stuff but do enjoy watching them try to charm the folks who collect (hoarders does come to mind for some of them)! Love Pawn Stars also.

  9. Blogland has been buzzing about this show lately and I've just got to see it!

  10. My parents had an antique store when I was a kid and the old-timey pickers would inevitably show up during our dinner time with a pickup truck full of stuff, and I always wished they would just leave us alone. Now that I'm a dealer myself, I can appreciate pickers and would like to see them more often!

  11. Mitzi, I couldn't agree with yo more....I'm looking for a kitchen collectibles picker 1930s, 1940s, 1950s. 1960s. Pickers are you reading this. And I will add, that I find that dealers who have pickers keep their contacts TOP SECRET!


  12. This is a great show. Those people know that they are coming and are ready for them. I don't think Mike and Frank are going to rip off any of this "hard core" collectors. Frankly I wouldn't pay the money for the stuff that they buy. I miss the days of when pickers would roam around towns. Some of the finest things I've ever bought where from pickers. Almost a thing of the past being the internet is so much a factor.

  13. when i grow up i want to be a picker ;)

  14. I love this show. These guys pick because they love the 'hunt' and they love history. They are doing the 'pickees' a favor. Most of these people will sit on their piles of treasures until they die where the items will then be scrapped or sold on auction. I am always curious what is in an old barn or shed as I drive by. Who cares if they get paid by the History channel to do this. How else could they afford to travel across the country to exotic hidden junk havens. Wouldn't you love an oportunity like that? Where I live most people are somewhat savvy to the antique world and alot of the good stuff has already been picked over. There are other places in the world where this stuff IS just junk in the eyes of the owner. I am also impressed at the fair prices they give for these antiques and the mostly low prices they get for them. Junking isn't something that will ever make you filthy rich. Its kind of like teaching, if you're in it for the money you need to find another profession.

  15. I've only watched "Pickers" since August 2011 and simply enjoy it. Mike and Frank do NOT have to "add a woman" to their "junkets." If you crave "women" stuff, then there's a simple answer..."Sister Pickers." It's on Lifetime. Some women really need to stop whining about "stuff." If you don't like 'motorized items' and oil cans and signs, then "Sister Pickers" is where you can hang-out with the girls to see all the feminine interior design items the men 'blow off.' The program is fine the way it is. Please. The men and their 'mantiques' are doing just fine ... alone, calling on Danielle for coordinates, they don't need to 'equalize' anything, imo.

  16. The day these male Pickers will be forced to have to paint their van pink for breast cancer awareness will be the day I quit watching them, faster than Mike can pick a bike! Hey gals, you have Sister Pickers for the 'girl stuff' ... go pickin' with them and kindly KWITCHERBITCHIN.