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How To Display Vintage And Collectible Jewelry In Your Antique Shop

Funky New Ways to Display Vintage And Costume Jewelry

Hang it up! Vintage Jewelry that is....There are so many ways to display vintage and costume jewelry that I bet you haven't thought of....Well here are some funky practical ideas I found on my trip to Patti's Treasures and Antiques in Windsor, CT. and Barbara's Barn Antiques, Seymour, CT.

Think About How Nice A White Peg Board Would Look With Lots of Necklaces:

Organized by color, Barbara of Barbara's Barn in Seymour, CT created an entire wall of necklaces using a white peg board. This idea is very striking and will really encourage the buyers to notice your treasures. Grouped by color, it is real easy for shoppers to browse through so many great vintage pieces.
Group All Your Pearl And White Beaded Necklaces Together
And Hang On The Side Of A Shelf

Pearl necklaces look quite nice when hung together. Select all your white, off white, cream colored pearls to group together. Then hang these lovely costume chic pearls and beads from the side of a display shelf. This is a great way to take advantage of extra space. Look how pretty these costume pearl necklaces look! Barbara Bush would be so proud of you.

Hang Costume And Vintage Necklaces From A Padded Hanger

Do you what to know what to do with your older padded hangers? You guessed it, hang your chunky necklaces on the hanger for all to see. This display idea is great because you can hang the necklaces in tight spots; over doors; from the side of a shelf etc. What an inexpensive way to organize your collection of necklaces. And it really looks nice to keep similar colors together. In this photo, the coral and orange colors are arranged together.

Hang Vintage Necklaces On A Window Screen
Are you running out of space? Well put your window screens to use as display space for costume and vintage necklaces. . With a little help from suction cup hooks. you can hang up your colorful necklaces . Be sure your necklaces can handle sunlight.
Using a CD Rack To Display Costume Earrings
Why spend money on fancy jewelry display racks. Here is a cute idea, I spotted at Patti's Treasure's and Antiques. Patti took a CD rack and turned it upright to form a great wire rack to hold earrings. She has several different kinds of CD racks throughout the store. Boy can you load up lots of earrings with all these rows of wire.

Photos Courtesy of

Patti's Treasures And Antiques
73 Poquonock Ave.
Windsor, CT

Barbra's Barn

126 Main Street
Seymour, CT 06483
(203) 268-9805

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  1. Hi Dianne, We are sharing your display ideas with friends. The setups are just lovely. Make you want to shop right now! keep those great ideas coming.
    Many of my Facebook friends enjoy surfing your site.

  2. I could use some tips on displaying my evening bags/purse collection...anyone? Dianne?

  3. Next time you are headed to NC, you have to stop at SuzAnna's Antiques. After strolling through your blog, I know you will love it. Check it out!


  4. these are great ways to display our jewelry at home too!

  5. Wonderful and inventive, I will put some of these ideas to use immediately.