Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Collectibles Galore At Barbara's Barn Antiques And Collectibles In Seymour, Connecticut

Kitchen Collectibles Galore At
ara's Barn Antiques And Collectibles
In Se
ymour, Connecticut

If you love kitchen collectibles you will enjoy visiting Barbara's Barn Antiques And Collectibles in Seymour, CT.

Barbara Fusses Over Her Kitchen Displays

Barbara fusses over her shop and likes to set up adorable displays featuring popular 1930''s, 1940's,1950's kitchen colors. Bring help...there is lots to carry home. I packed up a few boxes on my last trip to Seymour. And before I forget, around the corner from Barbara's is The Seymour Antiques Company, a large Antique Mall.

So Much To Buy..You
'll Have A Ball

Barbara has something for everyone with a collection that will knock your socks off! You will see the biggest collection of striped beverage sets anywhere. In fact I took home the set shown in the picture. These glasses look great with Fiestaware.

Collectors Love Green And Yellow Kitchen-wares

One of my favorite sections in the shop was the green and yellow kitchen-wares. Green handled kitchen tools are still popular with collectors. "
Of course many buyers enjoy finding Jadeite and seek housewares to match. Terms like "Depression green" or "Jadeite green" are often used to describe products found during the Colorful Era. Green paired with yellow is a great combination.

Great Green Mix Master

Barbara was excited to show me a green Mix Master. I loved it and really wanted to bring it home. But I remembered the last time I tried using a very old mixer....sparks were flying and the poor mixer was about to keel over. I vowed to stick to newer appliances in the future and only use vintage ones for display!

Read About Old Mixers In Hot Kitchen And Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s

But there is nothing like the old mixers that could do everything. I have a terrific chapter on "Mixers, Choppers, Grinders And Juicers" in my book, Hot Kitchen And Home Collectibles of the 30s, 40s, 50s (Collectorbooks.com).

Adorable Potholders In Red And White

While green and yellow are favorites among collectors, red and white potholders just fly out of my shop, along with other collectibles in these colors. Barbara had a nice collection of potholders on display. Many collectors especially like sweet little dresses or pants or other unusual patterns.

Barbara's Barn
Antiques, Collectibles & Costume Jewerly
127 Main Street
Seymour, CT 06483

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  1. I so wish I lived closer!!! Might have to take a long summer road trip!

  2. Wow! This looks like my kind of place! Road trip!

  3. now this is the sort of place I could get into real trouble! I love it all, I could always fit a few more pieces into my collections, right???