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Why Do People Collect Antiques And Collectibles: Collectors On The Couch Series

Collectors On The Couch Series
Kitsch n Shrink Discusses:

Why do people collect stuff? Everyone is always asking the Kitsch n Shrink that question. I love talking about the topic so I guess I'll start blabbering about what I think.

The answer falls into several different general categories and most people fall into more than one category at the same time.

Why Do People Collect Stuff?

1. Nostalgic Longings: Many people like to bring back objects that reminded them of someone important to them, mom or dad, grandma, a favorite aunt etc. I adore red and white/yellow kitchen collectibles which bring back fond memories of my Grandma Sophie's kitchen. Or yo can add also a time or place or age that is also significant.

2. Anxiety Buster: Going out antiquing is a great way to relax and distract yourself from life's demands. When you are out looking for stuff you are in the "junk zone" and everything else on your mind seems to disappear. (I junk a lot!).

3. The Thrill of The Hunt: Shopping is therapy for many. You boost the good feel chemicals when you get excited about a treasure you have found. Antiquing is all about the journey, the hunt, the thrill of finding the objects of your desire.

4. Filling The Void: When you fill your home with "stuff" you are not lonely. You have company. Many collectors treat their collections like "people". They care for them, talk about them and spend time fussing over them.

5. Collectibles Don't Talk Back: Like pets, collectors get a lot of satisfaction from their collectibles without the aggravation that family members cause. What brings more pleasure (besides chocolate) than adding another object to your collection.

6. Wheeling and Dealing: Many collectors sell their stuff and enjoy making money from their finds. It's a blast to be able to buy something for three bucks and sell it for thirty, It's like a game. Many collectors sell off their average stuff and keep building a better collection once they know what they are doing.

7. Just For The Fun Of It: collecting is more than the is also about the journey. you get to travel, visit with others, share conversations about topics you enjoy in common, and eat favorite part.

8. Enjoying Research: Believe it or not, a lot of people like reading about antiques and collectibles and then going out and finding treasures. It's a great hobby and there is more to it than just the hunt. Coming home and reading about collectibles and their history, cultural and social stories etc.

9. Decorating With Antiques And Collectibles: Some folks just like to be surrounded by treasures from other decades or objects associated with a hobby. They are after a look ... such as "Deco" or "Modern" or a theme such as "Nautical".

10. Collecting Makes Them Happy: No deep hidden is just FUN!

Now it's your turn...what do you think...why do you collect stuff?

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  1. Dianne, I've like to add that collecting antiques and selling antiques are hobbies/activities that you can enjoy for a lifetime. My mom, who is 83, still maintains a large showcase crammed full of great stuff and sells at an antique mall in Naples, Florida. Nothing makes her happpier than making a good sale....that thrill never goes away!