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Hooray For LuRay Pastel Dinnerware: Try A Fresh Vintage Look This Spring

"Set Your Table With Jewels"
LuRay Pastel Dishes: Advertised For Modern Charming Tables

Try Soft Pastel Colors This Spring In Your Vintage And Retro Kitchen

Wondering why you are seeing so much LuRay Dinnerware these days? Well the answer is's Springtime and LuRay always surfaces at this time of the year. LuRay, introduced in the 1930's by Taylor, Smith and Taylor is a popular kitchen collectible for pastel lovers.

LuRay Is a Favorite Among Cottage Style Collectors

Not only will you find lots of LuRay being used in summer cottages but you will also see more of this semi- porcelain ware featured around Easter time. Pretty pastel colors of "Windsor Blue", Persian Cream", " Surf Green , "Sharon Pink", "Chatham Gray" delight collectors who enjoy a fresh vintage look.

Starter Set Of LuRay Pastel Dinnerware 1942

In 1942, an wholesale advertisement for LuRay Dinnerware promoted The LuRay Starter Set. For a promotional price of $2.64, instead of the usual $4.49 you would receive one place setting of each color. Four each of 9 inch luncheon plates, 6 inch bread and butter plates, teacups, saucers, and fruit dishes. Of course now the prices are quite a bit higher!

LuRay Dinnerware Reso

LuRay Pastels (

LuRay Pastel Dinnerware

Books About LuRay

Collector's Guide To Luray Pastels U.S.A by Bill and Kathy Meehan,

Taylor, Smith and Taylor China Company: Guide to Shapes and Values by Mark Gonzales, Schiffer Publishing, 2004

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Carol Cooper Morgan , Winsted Ct. 860-379-4265

Seymour Antiques, Seymour, CT

.LuRay Pastels (

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  1. Thanks for the heads up about this pretty dinnerware. I'm heading over to Ebay right now. :)


  2. sooo nice to see a post about the LuRay dinnerware! i have a couple of pieces that were my mother's (blue) and have always loved them, being a pastel kinda gal!

    i've just recently begun collecting other pieces (some pink and green) to add to my mother's collection. they are so sweet and springy and i simply love them!

    terry lee

  3. I have always loved LuRay pastels- yet somehow, collecting it has eluded me- unfortunately, I can't start now! Oh, well - I surely can enjoy looking at it!