Friday, March 5, 2010

Country Collectibles At Michele's Vintage Antiques In Windsor, Connecticut

Hunting Through The Antique Shops Of Windsor, CT ...It's A Hard Job, But Someone Has To Do It!

Michele's Vintage Antiques on Poquonock Avenue,Windsor CT is another one of those Antique shops that you might not know about unless you make the rounds regularly. And as you know by now, I am a trooper in this department. I parole the towns of Connectiut keeping tract of all the Antique shops. I especially like the less pretentious ones.

Michele's Vintage Antiques Is A Simple, Small Group Shop

Michele's is what I would call a no frills multi-dealer shop. Simple, a little dusty and musty, but homey none the less. It's a laid back, older group antique shop with a mixture of country collectibles, furniture and some new stuff. But it all works together and there is more old than new.

Antique Hunting Is Always Hit Or Miss

I have visited this shop often and find that you just never know what is going to turn up here. Sometimes they are chock full of goodies and other times I get the sense that not a lot has changed since the time before.
Enjoying The Country Style Displays

But I do like this shop. The manager is very pleasant and I get the feeling that he appreciates my visit. I enjoy the displays in the shop. They really work very hard creating vignettes of their country collectibles, glassware, kitchenwares etc. I have often found some interesting re-puposed cottage style furnishings here as well. All in all, it's worth poking around at Michele's Vintage Antiques of Windsor, CT.

Michele's Vintage Antiques
28 Poquonock Avenue
Windsor, CT

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  1. i love shops like this also, dianne - sure wish i lived up that way - one day i would like to visit and shop - love the country primitive look myself ..


  2. We have lost quite a few antique shops here in Idaho. There are just a few independents left in Boise, and one larger mall with many vendors. I miss the east because there were so many. I have found some nice shops in Portland, Oregon however. My husband and I used to go up to my mother-in-law's summer place in New Hampshire and I always came home with fabulous finds. I never tire browsing through antique shops and for the most part I have found the owners of the small independent shops quite nice. Thanks for sharing photos of your latest visit!

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Hi Diane,

    I read about your blog on Becky's Sweet Cottage Dreams blog and stopped by for a visit. Oh- my goodness - what a special treat your blog is . . I have your book - Hot Cottage Collections and now I can visit you blog for more fabulous informaiton. I am a gardener and artist and love collecting vintage items for my garden and really enjoyed reading your post on collecting and buying garden collectibles.

  4. I love the hunt for antiques as much as the finds.