Friday, March 12, 2010

Thrifty Decorating Ideas Using Turquoise And Cobalt Blue Glassware Featured At J.P. Finishing Touches Antiques, Unionville, Connecticut

You Don't Have To Spend A Lot Of Money To Decorate Your Home. Try Using Eye Catching And Colorful Turquoise And Cobalt Glassware,

J.P. Finishing Touches Antiques

Colorful glassware does not have to be expensive to look great in a collection. The trick is to combine a variety of shapes and sizes to form eye catching vignettes. Another tip is to experiment with different color combinations that at first may seem like unlikely pairings.

Experiment With Different Color
Combinations And Textures

There are no right or wrong color combinations. Just experiment with a variety of colors until you love what you mix together. Often accidental pairings of colors works out quite effectively as is the case with pairing turquoise/greens and cobalt blue as shown in these photos. .

Fabulous Groupings of Turquoise And Cobalt Blue Glassware

Today I discovered some very exciting grouping of dark Turquoise/ Jade/Green and Cobalt blue at J.P.Finishing Touches, Unionville, CT. The sun was shining through the window of this shop, a former Railroad Depot. and I couldn't take my eyes off the shelves of glassware. You will always find plenty of glassware at this shop.

Decorating On Affordable Budgets With Vintage And Newer Glassware

The prices were amazingly fair. In fact, I called Jim, the owner over to ask him about the pieces. He said that they were newer pieces that just looked fabulous, so he decided to feature them in a collection.

I particularly liked the combinations of very dark turquoise/green and Cobalt blue. And look at these great textures, shapes and design features. This proves the point that you don't necessarily have to sink a lot of money into a collection to accessorize your home with attractive glassware.

J.P. Finishing Touches Antiques

1 Depot Place
Unionville, CT
860- 798-2198

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