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Spring Into A Retro And Vintage Cottage Look Using Pink And Green Kitchen Collectibles, Textiles And Cupboards

Think Spring...think about a room make-over using a combination of the colors green and pink.

Popular green colors that cottage kitchen and home collectors love are "Jadeite" or "Depression Green". Updated colors are called "Seafoam Green" and "Mint green".

Happy Colors

And believe me , used in today's kitchens with the right accessories and kitchenwares there is nothing depressing about any of these greens. They become happy "greens". Just pair any of these greens with shades of light pink and you create a soft and gentle feeling. Or use a stronger pink (bubble gum) and watch the mood become lively and whimsical. It just depends on how "shocking' your pink is! But greens and pink are delicious.

Create a Soft Vintage Look Using Pretty Vintage Collectibles And Textiles

To evoke a truly vintage feeling in your kitchen and home , look for vintage wallpaper, tablecloths, pottery, dishes, adorable pot holders, doilies, wooden or metal step stools, cottage chairs , China etc that combines soft greens with shades of pink (and cream)..

Paint The Town Green

If you are lucky you may even find cabinets, shelves, cupboards etc, with original paint, decals etc., but if not , create a vintage feeling painting your own pieces in "jadeite green".

Painted Cupboards,Shelves And Cab

Add a green painted cupboard or shelf unit to your kitchen and you create a wonderful comfy cottage feeling. You can fill your cupboard or cabinet with pink, green or cream pottery, dishes, plates, glassware batter bowls etc. There are plenty of pink or cream planters and pottery vases around at affordable prices. Remember to mix up the sizes, heights and shapes of your objects on display. You need tall pieces (vases) , round shapes, plates, rectangles etc.

For a more retro look, try pink or coral Pyrex from the fifties or other retro housewares from that period. You will be able to find lots of pink kitchenwares from the 50's as pastel colors were promoted at this time. And it's o'k. to mix and match textures and styles. When you get into the 60's the greens and pinks you have a totally different "mod" feeling . The greens and pinks are harsher and the style is Psychedelic.

Vintage Wallpaper

Its often hard to find enough rolls of vintage wallpaper to cover all your wall space, but you can use wallpaper for an accent wall, to line drawers, as shelf paper, as part of a room screen etc.

Photo Courtesy of:

Seymour Antiques Company, Seymour, Connecticut

The Nosey Goose, Madison, Connecticut

Linda May Originals, Winsted, Connecticut

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  1. Thanks for the tips! The whole outside of my house is green- including the chimneys! Ha-ha!

  2. Be still my heart!
    I love pink and green together!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Michele in Mich
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  3. Pink and green was always in my very Irish grandma's house. It was such a peaceful color tone. Where as my mom decorated with anything funky and bright. She wondered why we were always bouncing off the

    I never comment..but I do ENJOY your research, pictures and info. When in stores are you using a camera or your camera on your phone?

    Cindy from Tx

  4. Pink and green together look fabulous! There are so many possibilities!

  5. I'd love to do my kitchen in the pink and green hues but hubby doesn't want to...

  6. Pink and green are so pretty together and never go out of style, at least not for me. I love those dishes!

    Susan and Bentley

  7. My grandma had a green house and outside her bedroom window grew a hot pink peony bush. Without a doubt, pink and green is one of the best vintage color combos out there! Great post...

  8. love the pink and green together, especially for spring!

  9. Hmmm, I have a green living room - now, to get to work with pinks!

  10. Wow! Kitchen, my favorite place in our house, you can always see me in there you can't see me on the other places of the house.

    Deirdre G
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