Friday, March 26, 2010

What's Your Game Plan When You Stroll Through An Antique Mall: Look Up, Look Down...

What's Your Game Plan When You Stroll Through An Antique Mall ?

Are you a one sider or a two sider? Do you have an M.O.? Give it up....are you a clueless wanderer or a neurotic browser? Many visitors to larger stores have their set plan of how they navigate their run through. Especially if its a place that you have visited before, you usually have a path that you follow.

Are You A One Sider Or Two Sider?

Do you go up and down a row and just stick to one side or do you go in and out of each booth on both sides of the aisle? I am very deliberate about my journey. I carefully do one side of the aisle first and then the other.

REVERSE Your Modus Operandi

But here is the important tip...after you have wandered through a store. REVERSE your path and do the entire stroll again but from the opposite side of the store that you started and the last row you are in. In other words. Start again down the same row you are in (your last booth).

Checking Out Every Vantage Point

Now you will find that even though you have been down that aisle before, you will see things quite differently, Your vantage point has now changed. And you will even spot things across the aisle that you didn't notice before. This method allows you to see beyond eye level. You will now spot items on the very bottom shelves of the booth you are in as well as notice new things across the row from you.

Look Up, Look Down

And remember always look up and down. Many dealers hang things from the ceilings or in odd places. You never know where you will find the collectible you are after. Dealers also put so many collectibles on higher shelves or on top of furniture.

Don't Yet Chipped Off

Often chipped or flawed items are put in hard to reach spots such as on a high shelf or a bottom shelf. This should be a clue to check these out of reach items more carefully.

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  1. I am a one sider who antiques with a partner who is a two sider - I start out with a firm plan that dissolves about five minutes into our trip. :-)

  2. I work right to left, up and down each aisle, make mental notes and do a final sweep at the end to revisit the booths I may purchase something from or want to dig into more.

  3. I go to the right side and back and forth when I'm with hubby! He has a "quick eye"...while I want to really look at treasures.
    Deb :)

  4. I'm definitely a one sider and like to take my time and look really thoroughly through each booth. I have yet to meet anyone who has the patience to go antiquing with me!

  5. I always go to the right first then back and forth across the aisles, if I go by myself. If I go with my friend, we usually go her way which is backwards to my way-lol!

  6. My husband is a fireman. I have adopted his "right hand search pattern" I figure if it is good enough to get people out of a burning house, it is good enough to help me find a treasure!!

    I walk very slowly and look up and down.

  7. Great Idea! Yes, there is always a system. I've informed everyone who goes with me that I absolutely cannot miss a thing. Now I have an excuse to go through twice!

    Had to go through your kitchen book again. Love the eye candy!

  8. My method is to scan first by going down an isle and looking from side to side. If something catches my eye on the first trip down, I will stop. If not, then I'll keep going. I agree with you and always reverse the trip because it's possible that your eye will see things from a different perspective. A savvy vendor will change things around in their booth often, so it's always good to look twice and not assume that everything is the same as it was on your last visit. Wouldn't it be fun if they brought back S&H stamps?!

    Susan and Bentley

  9. Susan (Ash Tree)

    Loved you last line on S&H stamps......lets start a campaign!


  10. depending on where I am my search technique varies :) It also depends if I'm looking for something specific or just browsing. I often go with several friends and that helps since we all keep an eye out for items the others want. As for chips, unless it's something big I ususally don't mind since I collect what I like and not for reinvestment purposes. I really enjoyed today's post!

  11. You mentioned going up and down a row, don't forget once you are in a booth, to look up, down, behind and under. It is amazing the stuff I have found using this method.