Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visiting The Peoples Store Antique Center In Lambertville, New Jersey

Antique Hunting Is Fun In
Lambertville, New Jersey

Across the bridge from New Hope, Pennsylvania

For quite some time now I have been eager to find my way to Lambertville, New Jersey, a quaint town with Victorian homes just across the small bridge from New Hope, Pennsylvania. Photo is of http://bridgestreethouse.com/

Insider's Scoop On Lambertville

Insiders told me that I would find many more antique shops in Lambertville than New Hope, so that is where I started my antiquing day trip.

Arriving the day before, I stayed in Princeton, New Jersey and visited The Tomato Factory Antique and Design Center. The gals in that fabulous Multi dealer store sent me on my way with some maps and tips about what stores to visit in Lambertville.

Lambertville Becoming A Haven For Young Artsy Types

I pushed my hubby out the door of our hotel (in Princeton) real early in the morning so that I would have plenty of strolling time in Lambertville. But, there was no need to be too early. Lambertville is now becoming an artsy haven where younger store owners are taking a more leisurely approach to "time". Some shop owners opened their stores promptly at 10:00 in the morning while other owners seemed to ease their way into work starting at 11:00 or noon.

Starting My Antique Journey At The People Store Antique Center

That for me was frustrating, because my engine was running and it is rare for me to have my husband (my chauffeur) on duty at 10:00 am (which is early for him). Never the less, there were plenty of seasoned antique dealers who were indeed open.

I started my day at The Peoples Store which has been at 28N. Union Street, Lambertville, New Jersey for four decades. This a a good place to start the antique trail because it is a large store with over forty dealers (although it looks like more) on several levels. I had the most fun on the lower level where I found very exciting vintage clothing and many whimsical and quirky displays of collectibles. The upper floor had a nice selection of decorative home items such as stained glass windows, sculptures, paintings and furnishings. On the main level you will find a wonderful variety of antiques and collectibles covering all interests.

Dealers At The The Peoples Store Antique Center
Here is a current list of dealers:
The Peoples Store
28N. Union Street
Lambertville, New Jersey 08530


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  1. I loved this post. I found you through Pam at Go Retro. It has been many years since I've been to Lambertville and New Hope. Seeing this has made me want to get over my fear of driving and go there when the weather gets nicer. My aunt, mom and I went there a few times and also onto Peddlers Village, PA.