Friday, March 4, 2011

Collecting Vintage Polka Dot Kitchen Collectibles

Are You Ready For A Vintage Polka Dot Kitchen?

If you like changing your vintage kitchen once in awhile, perhaps you are ready for a new theme to inspire you. How about adding polka dot kitchen collectibles to your repertoire? Polka dots are very retro and can add a whimsical flair to your vintage kitchen theme.

Spice Up Your Kitchen Collections With A New Twist

Many collectors like to spice up their collections with a new twist on an old theme. Many folks find that after awhile they get tired of collecting the same old thing and that they need to give themselves a bit of a challenge when they are out hunting.

Narrowing Your Search

For example, a tea cup collector might want to look be more selective about the kind of tea cups they collect. So instead of bringing home every tea cup they see, they begin to set goals for themselves, narrowing their search to certain types of tea cups.

The Harder The Item To Collect: The More The Challenge

Every collector knows what I mean when I say, that every now and then you need to modify your collecting habits to keep life interesting. Collecting Polka dotted housewares and kitchenwares may just be the challenge you are looking for. Unlike other kitchen items, it is not that easy to find polka dot designs. Don't get me wrong, they are out there, but collectibles with polka dots get scooped up real quickly.

A Variety Of Polka Dot Collectibles

If you look hard enough you will find polka dots on vintage beverage glasses, ceramic planters, kitchen mixing bowls, aprons, canisters, pot holders , tablecloths and more. Filling a glass cabinet with all your polka dotted collectibles could be quite fun. Or how sweet would a shelf be with your collection of polka dotted kitchen-wares?
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  1. I love these. It's getting harder and harder to find these items now. I so wish I could see someone's kitchen done in this, how much fun it would be.

  2. I have a retro 40's style kitchen that has lots of polka dots- curtains I sewed, bowls, shelf edging,linens etc. Mostly in red. LOVE the dots!