Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How To Sell Your Parents Stuff

Introducing Estate Mavens: Help With Liquidation A New Group On I Antique

As the editor of I Antique, I hear from a lot of people who want to know how to go about selling their parent's stuff. Everyone always asks me "who should they call ?" Are there experts who handle liquidating estates? YES and that is why I have now added a special group on my site I Antique to help people deal with this matter. The group is called Estate Mavens: Help With Liquidation.

Antique Dealers Are Waiting For New Inventory

A lot of people are interested in what you have to sell, but are they the right people to buy what you have ? Antique store owners love to hear from adult children who are eager to liquidate or at times unload vintage and antique items. In fact most experienced dealers who have businesses are quite familiar with the customer who strolls into their shop with a box of "goodies " that they may have found while cleaning out mom's house. That is how most established dealers keep up their inventory. The stuff comes to them! Or the dealer makes a house call for larger items or contents. And the more determined the seller is to make a quick deal, the more delighted the shop keeper is. So buyers, it's best to know more about what you are doing before you sell off mom and dad's stuff.

Do You Have Valuable Treasure
s Or Junk?

And ..most dealers I know love digging through boxes of "stuff" brought to them by "walk-ins".
You never know what you are going to find . Over the years, I have even watched many dealers keep a straight face when they find something valuable so that they can buy the "lot" for a lower price.

What's In The Shoe Box: It Could
Be Worth More Than You Expected

On the other hand, there are those times when a customer arrives to their neighborhood antique shop after dumping out the contents of mom's dresser drawer into a shoe box, and the shop owner realizes that there are indeed valuable items in the box worth more than the seller ever imagined. The honest antique dealer shares the good news with the seller and together they decide what steps will be taken.

Trustworthy Antique Dealers

A trustworthy dealer will be straight up with their valued customers, but not everyone is lucky enough to have experienced and honest folks at their finger tips. And let's face it, as the Reality T.V. Shows have demonstrated, you can't be an expert on everything. Some people know documents, others are more familiar with furniture, while others are specialists on jewelry.

Visit Estate Mavens On I Antique

When you are trying to sell off mom and dad's stuff, you need to know more about who you are consulting, which is why I (along with IAO co-founder Scott Liscomb) have decided to offer a new feature on our site I Antique called Estate Mavens: Help With Liquidation a group forum to offer tips and resources with the liquidation of an estate. Here you will learn more about how to carefully manage family heirlooms, home contents and estate matters.

Co-moderating this new group with me is The Estate Lady, Julie Hall. Please come visit us at Estate Mavens for help when you are coping with downsizing, sorting and selling an estate.
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  1. Yes Dealers of Antiques and Collectibles love to look through stuff brought to them. I sure do. But a lot of the time if it is brought to you or you are called out to look. What they have is just stuff, not a lot of value, common, broken incomplete and they have an unrealistic idea of value. And you have to be the bad guy to tell them so. Much of what has been saved should not have been. And the items thrown should have been saved, Always the Old story, the dumpster that held the value..........