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Mod Style Collectibles For Your Kitchen And Home

Moving Forward With The Decades Of the 1960's And 1970s

How much fun are these Mod style collectibles for your kitchen and home? Flower Power motif is very "in" right now as designers and manufacturers are re-discovering the whimsical color palettes of the 60s and 70s.

Colors of the 1960s And 1970s

When you make a trip to any home store today, you will see plenty of very exciting kitchen-wares and home accessories in both 1960s Psychedelic colors as well as more Muddy 1970's palettes or re-interpretations of these decades in newer color combinations.

Sometimes it is a little difficult to tell whether the kitchen collectibles and textiles you find are actually 1960s or 1970s, because the styles of the designs overlapped.

For a quick guide, 1970s colors included Harvest tones such as gold, olive green, burnt orange, greeny-yellow. While 1960s colors are generally brighter with orange, pink , lime green and yellow grouped together.

Invent Your Own Color Scheme

But who cares about the exact date and palette...just play with the colors and designs. You can invent your own color scheme using the older palettes as a jumping off point.
Keep your eye out for objects with designs of owls, mushrooms, flowers, butterflies, geometrics .

Anchor Your Hunt With A Sample Of Fabric

For example, if I wanted to accessorize a kitchen and home with a 60-ish feel, I might take a piece of fabric I like (such as the remnant below) and take it with me when out antiquing. With fabric in hand, I would walk up and down the aisles of an antique store or flea market looking for items with compatible colors, patterns and style. The fabric sample serves as a starting point. You have to start somewhere. Look for dish towels, tablecloths, kitchen canisters, planters, bowls, plates, pillows, clocks, coffee pots etc.

Photos are from the collection at

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  1. I had a turquoise and white flowered dress I absolutely loved back in the 60's that I made myself as a teenager. Your fabric reminded me of the good old days. Mel's Cabin