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Vintage Childrens Activity Booklets Attract Many Different Types Of Collectors

What You Need To Know About Selling Vintage Children's Activity Booklets

Should you sell vintage children's booklets as a set or separate and sell individually? The answer depends on what the set is and whether the puzzle or coloring booklets came in a box that is in very good shape. For common puzzle booklets that are unused and un-boxed, I like to sell them individually.

In this post you are looking at colorful soft cover 1953 unused child's activity booklets that ave adorable cover images which are suitable for framing, collecting or even using.

Different Types Of Collectors Adore Children's Booklets

Buyers for these type of collectibles can vary from folks who are collecting all things in the category of vintage childrens "toys" or "art related materials" to collectors of a particular theme such as "elephants", "beach", "circus animals" . When you separate out the booklets, you may be able to reach more collectors.

Protecting Paper Collectibles

I generally protect paper collectibles with cellophane or plastic bag wrapping. I prefer to put the price tag onto the outer plastic bag and I avoid writing directly on any paper collectible. Some sellers do write the price in pencil on the item, because paper price labels are known to dry out and fall off your items for sale.

Box Covers Are Also Collectible

Sometimes you will find boxed sets of coloring or painting booklets that contain partial contents. You can consider selling the box separate from the booklets if the graphics on the box are very attractive and the inside contents is so beat up that it detracts from the "whole".

When The Booklets Have Been Used

When the inside of a coloring book or activity has been used, the value decreases, but if the graphics on the cover are wonderful or done by a notable artist, or the cover is of a collectible character you still may have something worth selling . The booklets shown in this post or common collectibles which sell for $4.00-6.00 a piece.

As mentioned before, I would not break up more valuable sets of children books or booklets that is found in complete form. Do some homework before coming to your conclusion. Visit my site for some more guidance.

These delightful photos are from the collection at:

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  1. I love those activity booklets, the graphics are so sweet. I (Laura) keep telling my daughter (Michele) about the comic selection pull out booklets that use to come in the sunday papers when I was a child, I wish I could find a few of them. They measured about 5" by 8" inches. We love your blog!