Friday, March 4, 2011

Getting Rid Of Parent's Stuff: Start Early

What Your Folks Save Is Your Problem

Guess what, you ought to keep track of what your parents are holding onto and saving. because in a few years.......guess who is going to have the task of finding a new home for all your parent's collections and accumulated stuff.

Nip It In The Bud

I say, nip it in the bud from the get go. Unless you are eager to inherit boxes filled with kindergarten memorabilia, moldy sleep away camp gear, High School notebooks, a lifetime of birthday cards etc., you ought to take control NOW on what your parents are saving. Cause guess's all coming back to you. I know, you tell yourself that it's not your problem, that what your parents save is their issue.'s going to be your issue.....and sooner than you can imagine.

Do You Want Kinde
rgarten Memorabilia?

It may not even come back all at one time. My husband's mother packs up her STUFF in installments. One Thanksgiving, she sent my husband home with brown shopping bags filled with papers, photos, memorabilia. The problem was that since my husband is an identical twin, there was two of everything.

Twins Have Double The Stuff

And what happened was that my husband's brother didn't want his half of the STUFF. So now we have duplicates of everything. And I do not have the heart (nor authority) as the daughter in law to throw out every freaking essays (or was it composition) these two brainy kids from Carnarsie (Brooklyn) wrote during their all their school days. Not to mention brown envelopes filled with Report cards. It's all here.

Plastic Storage Boxes Are Your Answer

I'm telling you, don't close your eyes on this matter. It pays to get a handle on what your parents are saving ....FOR YOU! And how are they saving the stuff for you? The kindest thing you could do is to buy your parents a bunch of clear plastic storage containers and help them develop a system of organized saving now while they are younger.Help them sort and label boxes. Super large resealable plastic bags are great to have on hand as well. My favorite brand is Hefty Jumbo Slider Bags (approx. 14" X 16" ) Get a Sharpie marker to label them.

How Many Shopping Bags Do You Need To Hold Onto?

And unless you want cartons of used shopping bags, plastic grocery bags, plastic deli containers, empty jars, used wrapping paper,old newspapers etc. Intervene now! Help them to save in moderation and volunteer to assist them in dumping some of this stuff on a regular basis.

Too Old For Shlepping

Because when they get into their mid eighties and beyond ...they are NOT going to be much help in cleaning out all the stuff....they saved for you. My best advice is to start the process of sorting and organization early. TRUST ME ON THIS.

Estate Mavens

I'm so passionate about this topic that I started a new group forum called "Estate Mavens: Help With Estate Liquidation" I mean misery enjoys company.......all of us who are downsizing our parent's home need to stick together. Come visit others and learn a few tricks of the trade.

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