Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ideas For Your Yellow And Black Vintage Kitchen

Collecting Yellow And Black Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

Today I began my YELLOW and BLACK journey for kitchen collectibles. I have so much fun putting together different color combinations in my shop "Kitsch n Stuff". And it is time for a marriage of yellow and black.

Inspiration For Kitchen Ideas

All it takes for me to get started on a particular palette is to see an appealing display in a shop I am visiting and I am off and running with new ideas for my own shop.

Yellow, Black, Gray Is a Great Vintage Palette

Sometimes I will use the colors on a vintage tablecloth to help me figure out a new color combination .... or in the case of today's yellow and black vintage
kitchen, my inspiration came from a display of yellow, black , gray coffee mugs spotted at Salmon Brook Antiques in Granby, CT.

Yellow And Black Works For Bumble Bees (and Kitchen Collectibles)

Lets face it.....yellow and black has always worked well for Bumble Bees! Now I'm challenged to find yellow and black housewares and kitchen accessories to show you how great these collectibles look together.

Ideas For Vintage Kitchen Collectibles

Yellow and black (and gray) kitchen-wares, tables and decorative items were especially popular in the 1950s.

Also Look For:

1. Plastic kitchen canisters
2. kitchen scales
3. beverage glasses
4. lemonade pitcher
5. Pyrex (Gooseberry pattern)
6. Formica tables
7. aprons
8. tablecloths
9. stools
10. tin picnic basket

Table and Chairs Photo Courtesy of

Picnic Tin photo Courtesy of

California tumbler photo courtesy of

Plastic canisters photo courtesy of

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  1. The 1950's house I grew up in had a yellow and black tiled bathroom. My aunt and uncle down the road had pink and black. The 50's atomic style is something that I didn't really appreciate as a child but I sure do like it now. I would give anything to have my aunt's kidney shaped coffee table and her aluminum Xmas tree. She was a trend setter!

  2. Oh my goodness! It's so hard for me to decide which vintage colors to have in the kitchen, which is now harder after seeing your post! Awesome! I have some yellow and black, but of course I mix it, because I can't decide!

  3. My Grandma had a pink kitchen! (cabinets, floors, and the knobs!)