Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Visiting Special Joys Antique Doll Shop And Bed And Breakfast In Coventry, CT

Joy Kelleher Treats Her Dolls At Special Joys Doll Shop As Family

It's a delightful experience to visit with an experienced doll collector who treats her dolls as family and has her contractor son build her an extension to her home so that her dolls can be showcased in a museum like setting.

Meet Joy Kelleher, Antique Doll Collector

The doll collector is Joy Kelleher who transformed her Cape Cod home into a Victorian Style Bed & Breakfast in Coventry, Connecticut.

Near Memory Lane
Countryside Antiques

For those of you who are not familiar with Connecticut, Coventry is not too far from The University of Connecticut in Storrs. I was introduced to "Special Joys Doll Shop" by the gal who owns one of my favorite shops, Memory Lane Countryside Antiques Center. Joy's Doll shop is nearby.

Special Joys Doll Shop Is Set Up Like A Museum

I arrived to the Doll shop which is located in a lovely residential area, and was tickled to find such a huge collection in a private home which doubles as a shop and B&B. Joy is very gracious and took me through a tour of her shop which is set up like a museum with large dioramas and glass showcases filled with vignettes of dolls, furnishings, costumes, clothing and accessories.

Large Collection Of Early & Fine Antique Dolls

You will find a complete selection of dolls including, Paper Mache, German and French Bisque, Wood, All Bisque, Comic characters. Joy also carries clothing, Tin and cast Iron toys and a fair amount of Steiff animals.

Doll Kitchens And More At Special Joys

While I am not a doll collector, I do like dolls and also doll kitchens. I was quite excited to see Joy's beautiful exhibits of older doll kitchens, all fully equipped and staged with gorgeous dolls. One European doll kitchen was valued at $3,400. Joy and her husband Bill, have traveled extensively and have acquired many unique and highly desired dolls and furnishings. They are constantly adding to their collection and serve as a resource to Doll collectors around the globe.

In addition to fine quality dolls and furnishings, you will also find some wonderful Modern and Pop Culture dolls and figurines. I also spotted a pretty selection of Victorian boxes and other charming collectibles which cater to all budgets from exquisitely expensive to delightfully affordable.

Special Joys Doll Shop And B&B
41 North River Rd.
Coventry. CT. 06001

Call for hours.

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