Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ten Signs That Your Need An Interior Therapist

On The Couch: Decorating Dilemmas Of Creative People: Part I

I am beginning to learn that a lot of my cozy, CREATIVE collecting friends who love to go shopping and who are always arranging and fiddling with their STUFF are none the less, also pathetic when it comes to decorating their own homes. The problem is growing as obsessed collectors and decorating divas have more access to online deals. Why don't we have more courses on the psychology of decorating?

Resolving Decorating Problems:
Step One Recognition

Basically in a nutshell (no pun intended) the afflicted among us can not get beyond our collections to do some heavy duty decorating and as they say in the trade....RESOLVE some decorating issues. Someone told me recently that those of us who fuss too much over our design and home decorating problems need to have "Interior Therapy". I laughed at the idea, why....because I have training in this very same area and I am a basket case ...but I CAN help others.

The Kitsch n Shrink To The Rescue

As the Kitsch n Shrink.... (I do have a background in psychology), I should be able to address this subject quite well. Franky I could use my own "Interior Therapist". But first let me put on my shrink hat and offer some observations.. Let's start at the beginning. What are some of the signs or symptoms that you are in need of an "Interior Therapist?"

Signs That Your Need An Interior Therapist: Decorating Therapy

1. You have changed the paint colors in your kitchen 4 times.

2. You love color but you went bonkers and painted all your walls "neutral"

3. You threw out all your old furniture and now are looking for new old furniture,

4. Your wedding photo has a pink background so now it
doesn't MATCH your would Freud say?

5. You let a "consultant" tell YOU what you like.

6. You are considering buying custom made pillows for over $200.00 each, when you can find nice ones at Marshall's for $16.00 each.

7. You spend more money on decorating magazines at the Supermarket than on food.

8. Your home is filled with stacks of decorating books, but no shelves to put them on.

9. Your design consultant from Crate and Barrel told you that you should go back to collecting antiques and collectibles and skip the cookie cutter look!

10. You go to bed thinking about changing wall colors AGAIN.

Feel free to add comments and share your ideas.

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  1. I'd say you covered it all pretty well Diane!! LOL! It's all too true. The other phenomenon, or sure sign is NEEDING something because all the cool blogs have it/bought it/use it (be it burlap, cloches, slipcovers made with drop cloths, rusty stuff, etc!)

    Love your posts as always...just been laying low commenting, but I'm trying to make the rounds and say hi much more these days...a resolution I hope to keep!

    Have a LOVELY new year...and keep the fun inspiration coming!!

    Hugs & Blessings,

  2. I think I need one of these "interior therapists." I am never quite satisfied with the look, the colors, the this the that of my decor choices. Always fussing over a picture for instance. Is it too high, too red, too old looking? Should I stick with my comforting earth tones of sage, rust, brown and golds, and where's that "pop of color" that's so trendy these days? Or should I go berserk and switch to the bold color look and get a turquoise sofa with a coordinating bold, Southwest-colored ottoman/coffee table which I can't afford? Is everything too matchy matchy or too drab? And on and on it goes. I'm neurotic about decorating, but I love it. Where do I sign up for the interior therapy?