Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Review of Piers Morgan Tonight: CNN Execs You're Meshuganah

Missing Larry King: Please Come Back to CNN

Bring back Larry King.......p l e a s e...I like that old vintage suspender wearing talk show host who gave up his microphone to a phony baloney, pompous Brit named Piers Morgan. I have nothing against Brits... but Piers is NO Paul , John , George or Ringo (and certainly no Larry King)! Elton (charming Brit).....I adore you . Piers, on the other hand is in a class of his own...and one that I prefer to keep a distance from. I could handle Piers for about 5 minutes.

All I Could Take Of Piers Morgan Was 5 Minutes

And that is about how long I stayed with CNN last night, when Piers was "interviewing', I mean kissing up and or interrogating Oprah. Was this a talk show or the Principal's office?
P l e a s e ..............CNN you can do better. Ryan (Seacrest) hurry over and rescue CNN

Oprah: What Were You Thinking ?

Oprah, why did you accept this invitation? Surely you don't need Piers Morgan to help you hawk O.W.N your new Television Network. My goodness, the next thing you'll know is that CNN will dump Piers and he'll show up in your daytime spot.

Or maybe, Rick Gervais will join Piers as a co-moderator. Imagine that, two cranky, naughty, abrasive Brits on CNN. I hate to be the one to say it, but CNN, you are starting to resemble FOX with your bent for obnoxious and outspoken hosts.

Paging Dr. Phil

Wofe (Blitzer) and Anderson (Cooper) ....what do you say about all this? Do you want to be in the company of Piers and that other gem Spitzer? Come on CNN........be different than the cheesy, alternatives. Class up your act before it is too late....Bring back Larry King...he was a gentleman and he did a great job. Dr. Phil.......jump in here.....tell the executives at CNN they are meshuganah and that they are "shooting themselves in the foot"...they are self destructing! Oh and Dr. Phil.....tell Oprah be careful who she hangs out with........Gail take Oprah on another road trip and keep her away from Piers!

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