Thursday, January 6, 2011

Libbey "Merry-Go-Round" Glasses

Whimsical Libbey "Merry Go Round" Tall Glasses

Just came across this boxed Libbey Glassware Hostess Set of the "Merry-Go-Round" Pattern in mint condition. The "Merry-Go -Round" glasses were advertised as frosted, 13 1/2 " with a "chip-defiant Saferidge rim". Libbey promised to replace any glass that chipped. These glasses were featured in 1956 when circus and "Merry-Go-Round themes were very popular.

I have taken two close up photos, so you can see the colors and animal patterns that came with the set.

What Came In The Libbey Hostess Set of Merry Go Round Glasses?

Often you will find that dealers acquire a grouping of glasses that may not match the original complete set. You often find two of the same pattern or another combination of glasses that varied from the complete set. This set should contain 8 glasses. You will find the Zebra, Deer, Giraffe, Lion, Elephant, Tiger, Pony, Leopard.

On eBay and other sites I have seen them described as "Carousel" glasses, but the manufacturer pattern name is "Merry-Go-Round". They were issued in the mid 50's when pastel colors were popular and patio and barware were in vogue.

I have seen complete sets sell for $25.00-35.00. Boxed sets in mint condition can sell for much more. This set was spotted at Stratford Antique Center in Stratford, Connecticut.

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  1. This has been wonderfully helpful! I need to find the red pony, and the blue tiger to complete my set. Any idea if the glasses sold with a complimentary carrier? Or were they always in the box above, leaving the carrier to be the buyers choice?