Thursday, January 6, 2011

Attract Attention With Vintage Red Painted Shelves And Displays

Your Retro Kitchen Will Sing With Joy When Using Red Painted Vintage Shelves And Displays

Nothing excites my Retro kitchen radar more than walking into a shop and spotting RED shelves with vintage housewares. And that is exactly what happened when I finally left my desk and went out antiquing to The Stratford Antique Center in Stratford, Connecticut.

Set The Retro Look With RED

If you are setting up a booth in an antique shop or creating a retro kitchen, using RED as a unifying color will help to set the vintage mood and joins together a variety of different but related collectibles.

When RED is paired with white, yellow, green, you evoke a 1940's feeling which is warm, inviting and exciting. Certainly RED is a an eye catching color that can transform a dreary antique booth (or home kitchen) into a whimsical, colorful magical space.

White Enamelware Trimmed In Red For Display

White enamel basins and bowls trimmed in red make very effective containers for displaying "smalls" such as kitchen tools, pot holders, cookie cutters and other kitchen collectibles. White and red enamelware is fairly easy to find. If you are going to use such items for display only, you can actually pick up scratched or chipped pieces at very reasonable prices. Or you can double duty these collectibles and use enamelware in tip top shape, tagging the bowls or basins for sale and using them for display in the short run.

Using A Red Painted Utensil Drawer Organizer

Collections of similar objects grouped together using baskets, smaller shelves, bowls etc. can really showcase your vintage objects. Look how amazing these green handled cookie cutters look arranged in an old wooden utensil drawer organizer which is painted red on the outside. What an adorable idea for these commonly found wooden drawer organizers.

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  1. Very eye-catching. Red is the color I use in my kitchen for accents. The walls and cabinets are blah, but the red really pops and makes a cheerful place to work.