Thursday, January 13, 2011

Collecting And Decorating With Vintage Sports Collectibles

Old Sport and Varsity Collectibles Look Great In Cabins, Family Rooms, Dens

I can't believe it, but The Kitschy Collector is writing about great Sport Collectibles found at Memories Too Antique Center in Coventry, CT.
Imagine that,

Collecting "Guy Stuff"

I am actually going to tell you about "GUY STUFF". O.k let's be honest, a lot of this so called "guy stuff" is really the stuff of decorators who carry Coach pocketbooks (no pun intended) and love to find just the right decorative accessory for your hubby's "Man Cave" or kid's room or "Media room" or whatever.

Cabin Fever

And what about those lucky folks who own a Ski Chalet, cabin, Log cabin or Hideaway somewhere way up high where it snows a lot? You always bump into these cabin owners hunting for wall decor such as vintage snow shoes or old skis.

My experience with "cabins" is limited to visiting family oriented vacation spots such as Okemo in Vermont where you can rent a Chalet or cabin and hang out in the Main Lodge with lots of little ones eating French Fries and Chicken nuggets. .

Hanging Out With Hot Chocolate

I love going to Okemo (Vermont) ..... even though I haven't put on a pair of skis since I weighed 90 pounds which coincides with the Woodstock generation. Give me a cup of hot chocolate and a big picture window and I can amuse myself all afternoon watching my family out on the slopes while I stay toasty inside.

Vintage Sports Collectibles And Wall Decor

Don't you just love the look of a Ski lodge or the cabin you stay in at the resort. There is always plenty of plaids, a fire going and great Sports related collectibles and wall decor.

Well now I am going to bring the rugged "GUY LOOK" to you. I am going to tell you about sport collectibles that you can find if you look carefully for them. What exactly might you be looking for?

Popular Sporting Collectibles

Here is a list of popular sporting collectibles.

1. football helmets
2. team pennants, flags
3. old tennis rackets
4. old golf clubs
5. footballs, baseballs,tennis balls etc.
6. old skis
7. old snowboards
8. fishing gear and equipment
9. team letters
10. wooden bowling pins
11. golf tees
12. hats
13. hockey sticks
14. snow shoes
15. decoys
16. targets
17. game boards
18. jackets, sweaters, uniforms
19. trophies
20. autographed photos

Vintage Sport Collectibles Have Multiple Markets

Vintage Sport Collectibles cross over in many collecting directions. A tennis collector is after all things tennis but may have to compete with an interior designer who also is interested in old tennis rackets as wall decor. .

The same can be said about almost all other sporting related items. Vintage sporting collectibles are very desirable and have multiple markets including general collectors (anything sports), team or school related collectors (everything Harvard) , specific collectibles ("football helmets") as well as category collectors ( everything golf) or event related (Super Bowl"). You can also have state collectors who buy things from "Florida" or "New York" etc.

Displaying Sports Collectibles

Many collectors are very protective of their collections and are careful to showcase their special sports memorabilia and souvenirs using glass showcases, deep acrylic or glass frames and boxes, specially built shelves and cabinets, sheet protectors and other ways to feature their treasures. You will find many online stores which cater to this market. Use the search words "How To Display Sports collectibles". You can also consult a contractor who is familiar with custom building to help you mount and display your collections.

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  1. I collect equestrian pieces. I love vintage skis and snow shoes too.

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Great post - thanks! I've always liked vintage Guy Stuff, and it's maddening that I don't have a Guy in my life right now to buy it for.

    I do collect some things that are considered mantiques - games and toys, political, advertising, playing cards, bar items. Putting a few these items around my home helps to add a bit of balance to my mostly feminine decor.

  3. love all the vintage sports stuff you have in your post! I didn't spy a U of M pennant (GO BLUE!) but I think any man would love to have this collection in their man cave! Have a wonderful Sunday! :)