Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Visiting Korlates Fitness And Pilates Studio In Avon, Connecticut

Where Do The Hip Chicks Exercise In Avon, Connecticut?

Introducing Korlates Fitness And Pliates

Want to know where the Hip Chicks are exercising in Avon, Connecticut? Here is the scoop, they are stretching and grooving at Korlates Fitness and Pilates Studio at The Shops At Avon Green on Route 44 in Avon.

New Twist To Traditional Pilates

Kris Kory, a former dancer and owner of Korlates Fitness offers his own twist to traditional Pilates adding other movement and fitness principles set to fun music. what will you find at this upscale beautifully decorated and equipped studio in the heart of Avon, Connecticut? You'll find me........The Kitschy Collector....stretching and kvetching as she vows to retire the couch potato gig and replace it with a new "reformed" healthier more flexible bod!

Wake Up Those Vintage Muscles

Oy vey, do you think it is easy to wake up vintage muscles that haven't been used in years? Well Kris is helping me with all this moving and shaking . Our routine incorporates rebounders, jump boards, hula hoops, dumbbells, resistance balls, kettlebells, TRX straps and other fitness tools.

I have to be totally honest with you...I have never had so much fun exercising before. Kris is a master teacher and keeps the sessions FUN and FRESH. You can sign up for private lessons or group classes.

Korlates Carries Lululemon Fitness and Work Out Clothes

The studio is extremely attractive and private. And wait till you see what the Hip Chicks wear . Kris carries Lululemon fitness, athletic and work out cloths. Lululemon makes specially designed clothes for Pilates, Yoga , dancing, running etc. If you want to know where to buy Lululemon in Avon, Korlates is your source.

Chris has also produced three superb fitness DVD's

Watch Kris, the dancer:
Korlates Fitness
42 West main Street
Avon, Connecticut

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  1. Dianne you are the hippiest chick of all. Thank you so much for this wonderful review. You rock!
    Kris Kory