Thursday, December 2, 2010

"The Blue House: Nice Old Things" Vintage Shop Opens In Canton, Connecticut

"The Blue House: Nice Old Things" Is A Vintage Shop With Lots Of Charm

A drum roll please.... I'm here to announce the opening of "The Blue House: Nice Old Things", a vintage store which just opened it's doors in Canton, Connecticut.

The Junk Shop Of Canton Has a Sister Shop

Here is the scoop, this shop is the sister store to
The Junk Shop Of Canton, one of my favorite junk haunts. Eric's wife, Kim decided to transform an abandoned but extremely charming shop down the road from The Junk Shop Of Canton on Route 44 and turn it into a "better second time around" store.

The Blue House Is An Upscale "Fine" Second Hand Shop

As it was explained to me, "The Blue House: Nice Old Things" will be a shop with the creme de la creme of second hand and vintage stuff. And unlike her husband's shop which is packed from floor to ceiling with good old junk, this store will be tastefully decorated with furniture, accessories, textiles and wall decor.

The Blue House Is In A Wonderful Old Building

First of all, for any of my readers who remember what this old building looked like years back you will be amazed to see the transformation. The interior and exterior came out GREAT. And I just love their sign outside...It caught my attention immediately! In fact if truth be known, as I was riding down Route 44 with my husband ...I spotted the new sign (before he did) and I gave out a shout.... STOP ...a new vintage shop..... boy was I excited!

Quasi-Antique Shop

Now let's get to the bottom line..what you will find in this very spacious multi-room quasi antique shop which is not an antique shop and is not a junk shop but is something in between all those descriptions. I will call it a vintage shop and leave it like that.

What You Will Find In The Blue House

I found lots of vintage and used furniture, rockers, doll collectibles, tables, chairs, tablecloths, holiday decor, ceramics, kitchen-wares, books, knick knacks, lighting, wicker, books, collections, textiles, nursery furnishings, tabletop, serving pieces, gifts, and more. The inventory is constantly changing as new items are acquired regularly.

Store hours are noon to 6 p.m. Wednesday Through Sunday

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  2. I am head over heels in love with that vintage dollhouse!

    Susan and Bentley