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Vintage Punch Bowls: Retro Chhristmas Holiday Entertaining

Cheers With Vintage Punch Bowls And Eggnog Sets
Tis the season for buying vintage punch bowls and or Eggnog sets for the Christmas and New Years Holidays. As you begin your search for these popular holiday collectibles you will find a variety of options including colorful and and whimsical Holt Howard designs to simple and elegant pressed glass to high end Antique Sterling silver, Limoges , Crystal etc. At this time of the year it seems that all the punch bowls come out of hiding and are displayed in your favorite antique shops and online stores and auctions.

Punch Bowls For Serving Lots Of Holiday Guests At One Time

Punch bowls are popular holiday items because you can serve a lot of guests at one time. Punch bowls are ideal for serving holiday drinks or Eggnog . Some people use a large tray and set the bowl and cups on the tray, while others like to have the cups hung around the large Punch bowl with hooks. When not in use, many folks place colorful vintage holiday ornaments in the Punch Bowl.

Vintage Punch Bowls Come In Many Styles

As I reviewed this topic, I learned that Punch Bowl are made out of every material. You will discover both everyday Punch Bowls and high end collectibles.

Buying Vintage And Antique Punch Bowls

There are styles for every budget including: Sterling Silver, Silver Plated, Stainless, Glass and Silver, Porcelain, Limoges, Delft, Stoneware, Depression Glass, Carnival Glass, Milk Glass, Fenton, Decorative Glass etc. Some Punch bowls are very simple and others very ornate with a pedestal design to elevate the bowl or a platform or under plate.

Collecting Vintage Punch Bowls

Every manufacturer who made kitchen, dining and entertaining products had their own pattern, style, signature pieces. Many of the common vintage Punch bowl or Eggnog sets ($25.00-150.00) you find today in antique shops and at online auction or websites were once Dimestore or mail order catalog products. Often punch bowls and Eggnog sets were gift items for Stamp Redemption programs, premiums or other hostess type gifts for in house parties.

Brilliant Cut Glass Vintage Punch Bowl

Beginning in The Brilliant Period of Cut Glass 1850's - early 1900's and beyond Punch bowls were common wedding gifts.

Elegant Antique Punch Bowls Found In High End Shops

The more valuable Punch bowls and sets are generally found in shops that specialize in silver, crystal and porcelain or better glassware.

When buying vintage Punch bowls sets, look for sets which are complete and may include the punchbowl, matching cups, cup hooks and ladle. carefully examine the set. Are all the cups original to the set? When examining glass or ceramics, look for chips, cracks and imperfections.

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