Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Visiting "Antiques in Doylestown", Doylestown, Pennsylvania

"Antiques in Doylestown, Pennslyvnia (near New Hope/Lambertsville: A Charming Shop in A Historic Town

Only I would set out for Lambertsville, New Jersey and New Hope, Pennsylvania (The Antique Capitol of the region) and end up wandering off the beaten path to " Antiques in Doylestown", Doylestown, Pennsylvania (27 miles from Philadelphia and about 20 minutes or less from New Hope).

When You Visit New Hope......Also Visit Doylestown, Pennsylvania

For those of you who are not familiar with the area, Lambertsville and New Hope border each other and are separated by a small easy to walk bridge. Since I was never one to follow the directions of others, I made m own road trip and stumbled across Doylestown after driving through New Hope. And I was glad I found Doylestown, (named after William Doyle).

Doylestown is 27 Miles From Philadelphia

This borough of Bucks County, outside of Philadephia (27 miles) and about twenty minutes from Lambertsville/New Hope is home to many charming boutiques and shops including "Antiques in Doylestown", owned by Elyn Kaufman.

"Antiques in Doylestown" Is A Small Sweet Shop

When I arrived, (attracted to her colorful window display), Elyn was busy wheeling and dealing over a lot of estate jewelry. I peeked over to the table where she was examining some wonderful vintage costume pieces. I could see why she was preoccupied at the time.

"Antiques in Doylestown" has the gal stuff many of us adore. Her store vignettes and displays are very attractive. I really enjoyed my visit to this small, cozy but packed shop.

I was simply excited to be in her shop and got busy snapping photos and deciding what I wanted to buy. Elyn kept asking me to come back in a half hour to interview her. "It's o.k. Elyn, I have all I need...the photos will tell the story", I told her. "And I'll email the link to my blog post", I responded to her.

But lo and behold, Elyn doesn't have or use the computer. She said she's an antique and she sell antiques and that's where the story ends. So if you know Elyn, tell her you saw this post!


Antiques in Doylestown
35 East State Street
Doylestown, Pennsylvania

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  2. Nice post on Doylestown! That is where I live. There are so many GREAT places in Bucks County, PA and the surrounding area!


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