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Making Handmade Vintage Christmas Gifts And Decorations

Have Fun Making Retro Christmas Gifts And Holiday Decor from Old Sewing Notions And Craft Supplies

If you love the retro vintage look in your home, now is the time to whip up some nostalgic Christmas decorations and holiday decor.

Hanging Around On Etsy You Find Lots Of Homemade Christmas Decoration And Gift Ideas

And by now you know that I hand around a lot and am always hunting for great retro stuff as well as old Christmas craft ideas and supplies. Its really is nice to be able to use up old things and add your own personal touch to your holiday gifts and decor. As you will soon discover in this post there are so many great ways to utilize vintage craft and older sewing notions in holiday projects.

Embellish Your Gifts With Vintage Sewing Notions And Millinery Supplies

Even if you are not the creative type, or you have little time for starting from scratch, you can still add some vintage sewing notions or craft supplies to your cards, wrapping paper and retro or vintage inspired gift to make them more interesting.

There is nothing like having a thrifty kitschy Christmas and recruiting your family members to help you up-cycle (create new uses for old things).

Introducing Pink Grapefruit Style For Christmas Trim, Notions, Vintage

One of the best sites online to find vintage Christmas sewing notions and craft supplies is Pink Grapefruit Style on

Here you will find all types of odds and ends that you can use for vintage holiday sewing projects, handmade Christmas gifts, retro wrapping ideas and more.

What is so much fun on Pink Grapefruit Style is that this gal packages her notions in adorable collections which might include vintage ribbons, sewing bells, jewelry pieces, trim, decals, millinery supplies, corsage pieces and more.

Oh, my grandmother Esther would have done so well on Etsy. This women had drawers filled with old wrapping paper, ribbons and odds and ends from every party, shower, special event she attended. Beyond Etsy, you can find plenty of old sewing notions at flea markets, junk shops, consignment stores, thrift shops etc.

Lots Of Creativity At Pink Grapefruit Style on Etsy

You can just feel the creativity juices flowing as Pink Grapefruit Style always has a fresh supply for you to tinker with.

Vintage Christmas Craft Supply List

1. Old buttons
2. Old red, white, green yarn (or take apart an old torn sweater).
3. Vintage jingle bells,
4. Red, green, white ribbons
5. red or green thumb tacks
6. Red berries (from an old hat)
8. Red, green, silver, gold sequins
9. Red and green beads
10. Old Christmas cards
11. Vintage Christmas tissue paper
12. Vintage Christmas cards
13. Millinery supplies
14. Old floral supplies
15. Red and green rick rack
16. Old advertising from holiday packages.
17. Old feathers and flowers (can take off from vintage hat).
18. Old stickers, labels, cut-outs. (new old stock).
19. Fabric remnants.
20. Vintage tablecloth cutters.
21. Vintage lace, material, textiles.

What Can You Make With Vintage Christmas Sewing Notions , Craft Supplies, Old Paper

Add old sewing notions to your wrapped presents and gift bags.

2. At
tach a vintage Christmas card to a gift.

3. Create your own gift t
ags using old images, vintage notions.
4, Make your own vintage inspired Christmas ornament.

5. Recycle old cards into a greeting card bowl

6. Add vintage millinery tri
m to a knitted or croqueted hat.

7. Use sewing notions, buttons and trim in making a Christmas wreath.

8. Decorate a Christmas stocking with vintage ribbons, trim etc.
9. Create a Christmas garland or pendant or banner.

10. Add embellishm
ents to a hand decorated picture frame.

11. Make a Christmas bullet
in board and add vintage trim.

12. Decorate holiday no
te cards or ornaments with jingle bells.

13. Make hanging collage art on a vintage plate.

14. Add red and green and holida
y novelty vintage buttons to scarves, hats.

15. Create A red and green vintage button bracelet.

16. Make a pincushion and embellish with vintage sewing notions.

Paint a basket red and add vintage millinery trim such as berries the handles. and sides. Line the inside of the basket with an old Christmas hanky or vintage tea towel.

Make handmade Christmas window decorations.

19. Jazz up an old apron wit
h vintage sewing notions, buttons, etc.

20. Cover an older glass ja
r cover with fabric and vintage notions.

21. Make a Shabby Chic holiday ornament.

22. Create your own Christmas stocking out of a vintage tablecloth.

23. Enjoy making a glittered snowflake ornament.

24. Try a homemade holiday favor cup.

25. Make vintage ornaments with old Christmas images.

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