Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Holiday Gift Wrapping Idea For Your Antique Shop

How Can You Attract More Customers And Help Others During The Holidays?

This is idea is for Antique Shop owners and others who would like to attract more customers during the holiday season. Have you thought about "complimentary gift wrapping" with a twist? The twist is that you collect a dollar gift wrapping donation for charity. How sweet is that?

Lot's Of Love At The Secret Garden Of Avon, CT

I shop in a lovely gift shop in Avon, Connecticut called The Secret Garden. Besides having a lovely collection of home and holiday gifts, The Secret Garden wraps all their gifts with festive wrapping paper, collecting a dollar donation for charity. This idea would work for antique stores and others.

Gift Wrap Donations Helps Charities

During a recent visit to The Secret Garden, the owner, Sharon, pulled out a huge binder with plastic pages containing thank you letters and press about all the local, regional and national charities that have been helped by donations over the years. A sign is posted behind the counter
listing the charities that will receive funds that month. The designated charities change monthly and during the holidays several charities are listed at the same time.

A Gift Wrap Fundraising Idea For The Holidays For Your Store

This seems to me like a terrific idea. After all, everyone wins . The shop gets more traffic, the charities get donations and the customer gets a little help with wrapping packages. Karen, the manager of The Secret Garden explained to me that over the years over $50,000 dollars was given to charities including The Salvation Army, Habitat For Humanity, Planned Parenthood, The Red Cross and many other local projects as well.

Nashville Wraps For Terrific Wrapping Paper

The wrapping used at The Secret Garden comes from Nashville Wraps and is just gorgeous. I happened to notice a nice feature of this quality paper, the flip side has a grid, making it very easy to cut along measured boxes to size your gift wrap. Now that a wrap!

The Secret Garden
51 East Main Street
Avon, CT

The Secret Garden

41 Circuit Ave.
Oak Bluffs.MA

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  1. Box and Wrap has some beautiful Christmas gift wrap at great prices. I love their designs!