Friday, June 11, 2010

Buying Kitchen Collectibles: Something To Crow About...Cocka-Doodle-Doo

Finally, A Shopping Trip To Crow About......
The Kitschy Collector Scores BIG

Cocka - Doode - Doo did I find some fun kitchen collectibles and retro linens today. And of course I came home with two bundles full of these kitschy kitchen collectibles.

Loving Queen Anne Antiques

After too many hours blogging (and I do love blogging), I finally left my computer (and brand new hard drive I might add) and ventured out to one of my favorite haunts, Queen Anne Antiques in Canton, Connecticut. Let me go on record...hunting for kitchen stuff trumps blogging! But you all get that right?

All From One Estate: The Best Kitchen Collectibles

This little shop was packed with great stuff after the owner acquired the contents of a home (part of an estate of a family friend) . The dear deceased women had closets filled with items with the tags still on them. April, the owner is unpacking a few boxes each day. She promises me that she will call me when the rest of the kitchen collectibles are marked and put out for sale.

Keeping Tabs On April At Queen Anne Antiques

I have been visiting her shop all week because the goodies keep coming. A few days ago, (April wasn't opened but she was there) I wandered into her shop and came home with two great vintage summer hand bags. Today, April had a pile of retro linens she was marking. Guess who came home with all the good stuff?

Roosters, Bowls, tools, Advertising, Linens

And then there were the rooster...and the kitchen-wares. I also bought the packages of vintage straws and a bunch of pantry items. Stay tuned for the rest of the kitchen collectibles I will be coming home with. By the way, many of these gems are headed for my shop, Kitsch n Stuff over the next few days. And don't be surprised if April visits my shop in a few weeks and buys some of my kitsch.


QUEEN ANN ANTIQUES. Rear of 163 Albany Turnpike, Route 44, Canton, CT (860) 847-2094

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  1. what an amazing stash you stumbled upon! I'd say you hit the jack pot :)

  2. Who wants a Cherry kitchen? It's me....because I think it will look nice to my home to bring that much needed diversity and contrast.

  3. That chair of tea towels sure makes me smile.
    I can just see it being used with Fiesta Ware!
    What a fun find, for you!
    xx Suzanne

  4. Those chickens are adorable!

  5. What great finds! I love kitchen stuff and have a real soft spot for vintage tablecloths and ok...I admit it. I love roosters! I can't wait to see more of this great stuff!!