Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bring Out The Beachy Kitsch: How To Create A Hip Summer Display In Your Antique Shop

Hip Summer Time, Tropical, Leisure And Beach Collectibles Look Great Displayed Together In Your Antique Mall Or Shop

Are you up for a cool idea in this warmer weather? Try grouping together all your picnic, beach, vacation, leisure collectibles together to create an attractive beach themed display. You could have so much fun with this idea.

Look Around Your Antique Shop For Summer Stuff

Look around your shop and see what beachy stuff you have. Add your favorite summer sport collectibles to the mix as well. And what you will get is a wonderful attractive display.

Prop Up Your Display

You can also add some 'props' to your beach themed table. For example, sea glass, rocks, sea shells, beach design tablecloth etc. Keep the colors bright and funky.

Set Up
A Special "Beach" Vignette In A Prominent Place In Your Antique Shop

Perhaps you might set up a special table when folks enter your shop to show off your beachy kitsch collectibles. Here is a beginning list of objects you might use for your beach vignette.

Collectibles For A Beachy Collectible Display

1. shell collectibles
2. fishing rods
3. picnic tins
4. Hula gals
5. fishing lures
6. vintage beach postcards
7. beach prints
8. hotel memorabilia
9. boats
10. nautical collectibles
11. surf board
12. books about the beach, sailing, travel,
13. Vintage Florida tablecloth.
14. Tiki collectibles
15. Lemonade Beverage Sets
16. vintage tin sand pails and shovels

Please add your ideas to this post.

Thanks to Peter at Tree House Antiques And Art in Canton, Connecticut for The Inspiration And some of the photos for this post.

Tree House Antiques

220 Albany Turnpike
Canton, CT 06019-2520
(860) 693-1600

Florida collectibles; http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/group/floridacollectiblesthefabandthefunky
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  1. What great ideas. Though I don't have a shop, I've been thinking of taking a booth in an antique mall. I have a lot of retro and kitsch too. I will look to you for ideas when I do. Have a great week!

  2. Like a step back to a more innocent era. Lovely ideas, all! xx Suzanne

  3. Love the beach themes!!

    Susan and Bentley

  4. Who doesn't love all of the listed ideas above! I adore mermaids, beach pails, sea shells and sea glass, sailboats, driftwood, retro swimsuits,beach cottages and I can feel the sand in my toes right now! I have hula girl light strands on my vintage Shasta teardrop trailer!
    I am lovin' this post!
    Thanks, Dianne

    Smiles, Cyndi