Friday, June 25, 2010

Exercising While Antiquing: Burn Calories While Junking

The Kitschy Collectors New Exercise Program: WALKING UP AND DOWN The Aisles of An Antique Mall

Have you ever thought of building an exercise program around ANTIQUING ? I am being serious.... antiquing may just be your answer to staying fit. Think about the endless possibilities.
How many Antique Malls could you cover in a week and perhaps rack up enough miles to go Olympic!

Keeping Fit While Antiquing And Junking

The idea is brilliant...why hasn't anyone thought of the idea of creating a fitness program around antiquing before me. In fact I think Antique Malls should sell pedometers. And when you think about this subject in more could vary your routines....try walking up and down the fields of a flea market or junk yard or swap meet or what about an Antique Show for goodness sakes. The options are plentiful....there are so many places to keep up a regular work out of exercising and antiquing! Isn't this exciting news?

Walking Clubs Meeting At Antique

I'm thinking we could start regular Antique Mall walking clubs. For example, my own Antique Mall, The Collinsville Antiques company of New Hartford, Connecticut is 22,000 square feet.

That's a lot of walking. Just ask the dealers who have to rotate on the floor as staff opening up locked showcases and assisting customers. The idea would be to invite several friends to join you two or three times a week or even daily for regular antique walk work outs. Who is aboard on this idea ? And by the way, I'd love to hear more about how antiquing might work as exercise...feel free to weigh in here.

Photos Courtesy of The Collinsville Antiques Company Of New Hartford

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  1. :) I know today while visiting here in Georgia, I had a chance to work in MANY deep knee bends in addition to walking...sometimes swiftly to the next booth area in all of the fun antique stores I visited. If I also count all of the extra trips to the register area to add to my growing pile, I easily burned at least 300-400 calories! :) My wallet also became lighter after making those fabulous purchases.