Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Rings Made From Old Buttons And Vintage Costume Jewelry Parts

Chunky Rings Created Out Of Vintage Jewelry and Buttons:
Now That's A Kitschy Idea

If you buy and sell vintage jewelry...you probably have a stash of jewelry parts such as orphaned earrings, broken beaded necklaces, bracelets or broaches with missing stones etc. Well fret no more, here is a fabulous idea that one creative gal came up with....up-cycle your parts and make them into fabulous rings.

You Can Also Make Rings From Old Sewing Buttons

Oh how I'm loving this concept. And you can also use old sewing buttons or a combination of buttons and jewelry pieces. Imagine that you could have a different color ring for each of your outfits and the price is right. If you are not the artsy type...you can buy the jewelry shown here at one of my favorite shops, The Bleu Willow in Simsbury, CT. Or you canc ontact the artist directly at http://www.laughterandlemondrops.com/

Where to Buy Ring Blanks

if you are ready to try your hand at designing your own rings, the part you will need to buy what is called the ring blank. You can find ring blanks at http://www.perfectbead.com/catalog/Ring_Blanks-3-1.html

and you can find plenty on eBay at http://shop.ebay.com/items/ring%20blanks?_dmd=1&_sop=12&rvr_id=&MT_ID=69&crlp=5025954246_9414&tt_encode=raw&geo_id=1&keyword=ring+blanks&adgroup_id=1054290696

You may also want to read more about buying jewelry components. Take a look at http://jewelrymaking.about.com/od/wholesalesupplies/Wholesale_Supplies.htm

I can't wait to see your originals!

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  1. yum....i love those rings. i have tried to make rings, but haven't been successful. i think i need a tutorial...
    those are vintage fun all the way.
    thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks for the idea! never ever thought of that! mich in mich

  3. wow, what a collection!!! that's alot of bling :)

  4. Nice collection. Its really a nice idea to make beautiful rings with old buttons but it needs a lot creativity too. I will also try to make one.