Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Displaying Vintage Jewelry Using Colorful Crocheted Edged Hankies

Edged Hankies and Vintage Jewelry Look Great Together

Using different colorful crocheted edged hankies or dresser scarfs to showcase estate and costume jewelry in a glass showcase can really bring your display up a notch. Placing white hankies with different colored edged helps on the glass shelves helps to organize your collection and invites buyers to browse by color.

Hankies can Be Used For Many Displays

Take a look at these photos taken at the Burlington Inn Antiques Center in Burlington, Connecticut. Didn't this dealer do a lovely job presenting her vintage jewelry? And when you think about it, you could also do the same thing for pretty glassware, silver, ceramics etc.

Keep Those Crocheted Hankies Crisp

The secret to the best display is to make sure the hankie (hanky) is crisp and white and ironed real well and that the edging is nice and wide and not wimpy! Then all you do is select out the colors that match the edging of the hankie. in these photos, all the turquoise, green and blue costume have been separated and displayed accordingly. Doesn't these displays look quite attractive?

Photo are courtesy of http://www.burlingtoninnantiques.com/

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  1. I love the idea of separating by colors that way! Storing that idea away for the future!