Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Complete Guide To Vintage Children's Records: Kitschy Collector Book Review

"The Complete Guide to Children's Vintage Records" A Terrific Source Book For Kiddie Record Collectors

Oh, the days of sitting in your high chair and listening to records of your favorite nursery rhymes or hanging out on the couch curled up with a cup of apple juice and listening to Captain Kangaroo....the good ole days before Ipods and smart phones. It was YOU and your record collection.

And now, Peter Muldavin, who describes himself as a sixty-something fella who is perpetually age six has compiled an encyclopedic reference guide called "The Complete Guide to Children's Vintage Records", published by

This 432 page full color price guide is by far the most complete guide you will find to date on the subject of kiddie records. Muldavin reviews the history of children's records describing such types as: Records That Are part of Package Designs ; Shape or Die-Cut Records; "Flexi" Records; :Magic" Records; Records Played in Synchonization with Filmstrips; Animation Labels; Personalized Recording And Home Recordings ; Phonograph Dolls.

Following historical information you will find a wonderful detailed synopsis of each and every record company who made children's records under the section titled "Label Notes And Identification".

After the reader is acquainted with the major record publishers, the remainder of the book covers the values of records, categorized by company. Images of records form headings on many of the pages.

Product Description

This long-awaited reference book represents a first of its kind: an almost complete listing and price guide to vintage children's records. Though coverage is mainly dedicated to 78rpm records, a few early 45rpms are included. Unlike previous price guides, this book attempts to cover all 78rpm kiddie records made in the United States. The dates of coverage range from the 1890s to the 1960s, with most of the listings being from the 1940s and 1950s, the 'golden age' of children's records. There are listings for nearly 14,000 records and 450 record labels, making this the most complete discography of its kind ever in print. Values are given for records in excellent/mint and good/very good condition. This book is sure to delight the young and the young at heart. Give it a spin!

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