Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What's in Your Junk Drawer?: You May Have Hidden Treasures

Odds and Ends with Value

What's in your junk drawer? You may think you have a bunch of odds and ends but you may actually be sitting with a treasure trove of collectible junk which has value. Yes...the trinkets you are saving in old cigar boxes or vintage tins, may be worth more that the containers they are stored in.

And we all have "collections" in all areas of our homes.
So it's time for you to take a visit around your house and evaluate your "junk deposits".

A Buyer For all Kinds of Small Junk

Today many dealers are discovering that there are buyers for all kinds of "tiny" junk collections. Some dealers throw the whole kit and kaboodle into a glass jar and sell the "lot" for one price while other dealers sort through their junk and pull out the older pieces such as a special charm or vintage toy prize and sell it individually.

How To Buy Or Sell Your "Lots" of Junk

If you go on, you will find many sellers of "collections" of "goodies", some of it vintage and some of it new, but also lots of stuff which is fun and useful for crafting.

Looking For Old Junk

But if you are after older junk, you may need to go out hunting the old fashioned way. . be sure to poke around in Thrift shops, Flea Markets and especially garage sales, Church sales etc. Always check out the basement and garage when you are at a yard sale. Often "junk" is hidden in old coffee cans, shoe boxes, drawers and containers. Go to tag slaes in older neighborhoods where the residents have "old" junk!

It is not surprising to find that an entire drawer of "junk" that has been thrown into a box and ignored. You have to go digging and hope that you got there first.

Types of Junk Drawers Collections

1. kitchen junk
2. sewing notions
3. old game parts
4. vintage charms
5. miniature toys
6. toy prizes
7. jewelry parts
8. old paper
9. hardware
10. drugstore/pharmacy

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  1. Great post! You are absolutely right - we've found some amazing things in junk drawers. A couple of years ago, we found a tiny perfume bottle that turned out to be pretty rare!