Friday, January 22, 2010

Adding Vintage Paper Doll Cut-Outs Or Puzzle Pieces To Transform Children's Tables And Chairs

Creating Whimsical Vintage Children's Tables And Chairs

A dated boring children's table and chairs can be reborn with a little paint and some fresh ideas such as adding vintage paper doll cut outs or puzzle pieces to the table top.

At The Bleu Willlow in Simsbury, Connecticut, I found these adorable tables and chairs which have had a charming make-over.

Mixed Media Advice For Vintage Projects

There are many ways to accomplish a transformation. Here is the way my mixed media friends might attempt a project like this.Mixed media collage artists are very familiar with layering papers and objects on "supports" and coating with a variety of products.

Well now think of your table top as your "support" (surface) which you will treat a "collage".

Preparing Your Table Top Surface

First you will may need to prepare your table top and legs with sanding and primer or a base coat of paint if the surface is not smooth and intact. Next choose a color scheme and paint colors
for your table top, legs and matching chairs.

Using Clear Self Leveling Gel

When this step is complete you can add your vintage images or game parts. The tables shown here were done as decoupage projects by artist Karen Schuler. Crafters use a variety of methods and products to stick papers and objects onto surfaces. Diluted glue, Mod Podge and other decoupage mediums work well.

For another method of adding cut outs and embellishments, you might consider using Golden's Clear Self Leveling Gel When visiting their website you will find lots of technical advice. You can also check with your local paint store for other options.

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