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Using Children's Doll Cupboards To Display A Variety of Small Antiques And Collectibles

Showcase Your Small Collectibles in Vintage Children's Doll Cupboards

Children's doll cupboards are wonderful to use for creating interesting displays of your smaller collectibles. And you don't necessarily have to fill them with nursery or toy related treasures. I use them for showcasing small kitchen collectibles, vanity items, tea cups etc.

Packing a Lot of Stuff Into Doll Size Cabinets

These junior size china closets usually have a few upper shelves, lower cabinets, drawers and doors. All these features make these mini display units perfect for stuffing in a lot of smalls. You can hang doilies or jewelry the doors (use small nails or push pins) , use the drawers for hankies or additional stock and of course arrange adorable grouping of collectibles on the shelves. Bottom drawers can be turned upside down and used as shelves when on a table top. (see aluminum spice set in the photo).

Organizing a Variety of Collections

Sometimes I organize a particular collection of similar items in one of these cupboards, such as all my spice tins or tea cups. At other times, I mix up a variety of collectibles which "look well" together.

Stacking Small Cabinets And Dressers

The beauty of these charming cabinets is that they stack well on top of shelves, or tables and provide additional height, interest and organization to your antique booth or shop. Sometimes I stack a doll cupboard on top of a doll size dresser. Larger cabinets can also be used to stand on the floor.There is no end to how clever you can be. you can also hang a charming doll dresser on the wall and use as a "shelf".

Re-Painting Cabinets

Remember, you can always take an old chippy cabinet and re-paint it. Or don't worry too much about blemishes because, you are going to cover most of the surfaces.
Dark wood cabinets are a bit more challenging to use because they do not show off collectibles as well. For stained wood dark cabinets, you make want to lighten the color, so that your objects will stand out. You can also add older decals to cabinets to make them charming..

How Much Do Cabinets Cost

When I am looking for doll size cupboards or dressed, I am
happy to find one from the 40's or 50's which I can pick up from $25.00-125.00 depending on the size, condition and
decorations. Table top sizes can be found for $25.00-45.00. Larger standing types sell for $85.00-125.00. I will also use a more recent cabinet if it appeals to me. Once you start getting into Victorian era pieces, you are looking at values much higher. (The yellow bureau with mirror was selling for well over $200.00). For my display purposes, I stick with furnishing on the lower end of the scale. I bought a sweet doll cabinet last week at a show for $25.00 (see the kitchenware photo).

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  1. What a wonderful post! I have never seen anything like this! I have to find some shops like the ones above! I just really would love the yellow and aqua ones with the vintage decals! I would use those in my craft room for supplies! :)

  2. I love these little vignettes using doll furniture! And I'm so glad I discovered your wonderful blog. I'll be sure to link to it and list it as one of my "Favorites"!

  3. Good post! I have a few of these old toy cupboards I use to display vintage items. They come in handy.