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The Kitschy Collector Drops In On Three Favorite Retro Families

Dropping In On Ozzie and Harriet Nelson

I thought it might be fun to visit with some Retro families from the 1950's.I dropped in on Harriet Nelson first. She and Ozzie had just come back from a Tide Laundry detergent promotion. I imagine that over the years, that the Tide people must have given her lots of freebies, which is probably how she managed to to keep David and Ricky looking so crisp and clean.

Harriet told me that her series "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" started as a radio program (1944) and aired on T.V. from 1952-1966.

Having Tea With The Cleavers

Next I thought I would see if June Cleaver was back from the market. Luckily she and Ward were home, but Beaver and Wally were out mowing lawns.

June was excited to show me her pearl necklace that I bet Ward bought her when they began their T.V. series in 1957. She wore that necklace everyday until the show ended in 1963.

Last Stop, Chatting With Margaret and Jim Anderson

After some lovely tea that June prepared, I headed out the door to visit with Margaret and Jim Anderson . They were eager to share with me stories about the family and how the ever popular series "Father Knows Best" began. It seems that the episodes began on NBC Radio in 1949. Jim was an insurance agent back then and known to be very paternalistic and sarcastic. He softened up quite a bit when he went on T.V. in 1954.
Although Jim had lots of rules, he adored his kids, Betty "Princess", James, "Bud" and Kathy, "Kitten".

It was getting late in the day so I wished the Anderson's well. I promised Margaret I would send regards to Lucy and Ethel when I see them next week at the "Vitameatavegamin" Meet Up.


As you probably gathered, my blog post leaped into T.V. land where creative writing often trumps reality. For more thorough and reliable information on Retro T,V. families........visit these museums or read more:


The Museum of Broadcast Communication
The Museum of The Moving Image
The Paley Center for Media

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