Friday, January 15, 2010

Retro Country Kitchen Collectibles At J.P. Finishing Touches in Unionville, Connecticut

Located in An Old Railroad Depot in Unionville, CT You Will Find J.P. Finishing Touches Antiques

J.P. Finish Touches Antiques (Unionville, CT) is another one of my secret antique haunts for retro-vintage kitchen stuff in Connecticut. Tucked away off Route 177 in Unionville, CT (part of Farmington) is a very interesting shop located in an old railroad depot. For some time now, this petit but packed multi-dealer shop has been home to some wonderful local antique dealers.

Country Kitchen Meets Metro Retro

Owner, James Palin worked magic over this place (you should have seen it before ) ......creating a very inviting and well organized mini-antique mall, carrying kitchen-wares, furniture, glassware, pottery, collectibles, ephemera, art, decorative accessories etc. What you will notice about this adorable shop is just how much time is spent on "finishing touches". And what I find quite amusing actually, is how well country kitchen is mixed with retro.

Always Fresh Finds AT J.P> Finishing Touches

I'm usually out and about hunting for kitchen collectibles, so I like this off the beaten path shop because I always find some interesting finds, fresh out of a estate sale or house clean outs. Besides kitchen kitsch, I have bumped into some really neat stuff here. I'm still kicking myself for not buying the collection of boxed vintage (old stock) Crayola crayons (64 count from the 50's). I passed up several mint boxes . I am still upset over that silly day. Boy do I remember camping out on the living room floor coloring with my "Crayolas".

Anyway, you will find lot's of goodies in this check it out when antiquing in the region.

J.P. Finishing Touches Antiques
1 Depot Place
Unionville, CT

860- 798-2198

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  1. Someone on another blog was just talking about their love of a fresh box of crayons, and I commented on how I loved the big boxes. Just hearing that someone else passed them up makes me crazy! Oh well, we all do that, don't we?! Looks like there's alot of goodies to be had at that antique store. Love all the red bowls!
    Happy Sunday!