Friday, July 23, 2010

Collecting Rooster And Hen Collectibles...Cock-a-doodle-doo

Chicken Lovers Adore Rooster And Hen Collectibles.....

Cock-a-doodle-doo....finally a post on collecting roosters and hens. First of all what is the
difference between a rooster and a hen? Well to begin with they are both chickens! The rooster is the male chicken and the hen is the female chicken.

What Do You Call A Male Chicken?

Now cover your ears...the male chicken (Gallus gallus) is also called a cock. Oy vey...I told you to be prepared.O.K. now that we have introduced you to the world of chickens..guess what they call an immature male chicken? The answer is that a male chicken under 1 years old is called cockerels. But here is my 64 dollar question? What do you call an immature cock over one years old? I betcha, a lot of you can fill in the blanks.

Collecting Roosters And Hens

So back to collecting roosters and hens. How can you tell the difference between whether you have found a rooster or a hen? And can you apply chicken theory to collecting figurines and kitchen-wares? According to my on-line sources, male chickens (rooster) have bigger egos and females (hens) tend to be short and fat. But the key difference is that roosters crow and hens don't. Yikes...that won't help us when we are shopping for a ceramic figurine...will it?

Roosters Are Colorful And Guard The Nest

Roosters tend to have more colorful feathers and are generally standing up and showing off. While hens are hanging around on their nest watching Oprah. You will find that it's easy to find lots of lovable roosters and hens for all different budgets. Many of these popular collectibles are unmarked and were probably Dimestore imports.

So Many Types Of Rooster And Hen Collectibles To Buy

Buyers will discover rooster and hen images on so many vintage kitchen collectibles including canisters, bowls, textiles, plates. refrigerator dishes, cookie jars, match holders, beverage glasses, coffee mugs, clocks, etc. You will also come across plenty of rooster and hen figurines in pairs or singles used as salt and pepper shakers, planters, wall pockets, toothpick holders, egg cups, decorative figurines, spice shakers, molds, spoon holders etc.

Check For Chips, Missing Paint, Cracks Etc.

When buying these collectibles check to see if the item is part of a pair or single. The price should reflect that difference. Examine your items and be sure there are no cracks or chips, paint or parts missing . You can find these collectibles in all price ranges. Royal Copley and Holt Howard collectibles are priced higher than everyday Japan novelties. Milk Glass hens and roosters are also popular. There are lots of reproductions out there so buyer beware.

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  1. I love collectible chickens...these are marvy. I'm definitely getting a chicken figurine for the kitchen when I find my own place!

  2. I found a Royal Copely rooster at the Goodwill for $2. He is very handsome! Tywla

  3. I too am a chicken collector and have all kinds in of roosters and hen in my kitchen! I think they are so cute!

  4. Love it!!