Thursday, July 8, 2010

Decorating And Design Tips For Antique Mall Booths

Paying Attention To "Fronts" And Entry Points in Your Antique Booth Or Shops

I have been studying how antique dealers concentrate on the "fronts" or entry points in their booths or shops.
The first places a visitor sees when visiting your booth are very important in an Antique Mall.

Creating Eye-Catching Displays

Obviously in a multi-group shop you want your goods to stick out and show off well. After all in a larger store, there are so many dealers that if you don't create an eye catching "front' how will you "pull-in" the buyers.

And another reason to pay attention to the front of your booths is to get as much bang for your buck as possible. In other words, when you are leasing booth space, you want every inch to count.

Here are some tips to consider when organizing your displays in an Antique Mall.

1. Create colorful displays for the "front" of your booth.
2. Stay away from brown or dark shelves. Re-paint shelves in lighter colors.
3. Use white or glass shelves for the front of your booth or outside edge.
4. Consider using open shelves that you can peek inside the booth.
5. Don't close your booth in.
6. Use attention getting objects on the entry to your booth., i.e. a quirky object, a humorous display, a good example of what you specialize in.
7. Add signs over your booth or on visible walls to attract folks to come to your booth.
8. Your glass cabinets should have mirrors and lighting.
9. Consider dressing up shelves with shelf edging or paint the edges another color.
10. Keep your displays interesting and not so crowded that you cant make out what is on display.
11. Hang objects on the sides and backs of shelves.
12. Dress forms with clothing and accessories are great attention getters.

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  1. Thanks for these tips! I hope to have a booth some day so I'm learning all I can.

    One thing I DON"T like is when a booth is so crowded that I can hardly step in and if I do, I'm afraid I'm going to knock something over and have to pay for it! ♥

  2. One thing is for sure: when organizing a mall booth keep the design minimalistic. Many customers want enough space to check the things they want to buy. They find it uncomfortable to be in a crowded area, especially an area littered with bulky stuff. Thanks for that wonderful blog.

    Danny Riddell

  3. I definitely like those ideas. Thanks!!!!

  4. Great ideas!!! Im designing my booth now. I wnt open until sept 2013. These tips are great. Thanks for the insight!!!!!!!!!

  5. I definitely like those ideas. Thanks!!!!