Friday, July 9, 2010

A Kitschy Vintage Standing Lamp That Grew Too Big

Is This Quirky Vintage Standing Lamp Kitschy Or Creepy?

This quirky vintage standing lamp reminds me of the musical Little Shop of Horrors which featured 1960s style melodies such as "Skid Row", "Somewhere That's Green" and "Suddenly, Seymour".

Audrey II ?

The lamp, much the same as the out of control Venus Fly Trap looking plant in the musical...takes on a life of it's own. A hapless florist responds to the cries of the plant which calls out "Feed Me" . The plant named "Audrey II" is dying but comes to life after Seymour accidently pricks his finger on a rose thorn and Audrey II thirst for blood is quenched.

Perhaps The Funky Lamp Belongs On The Set of "Hairspray" Instead Of Little Shop Of Horrors ?

I can't quite make up my mind whether this lamp belongs on the set of "Little Shop of Horrors" or "Hairspray". There is something about the giant flowers that makes me want to see the oversized babe in a beauty salon. Doesn't the lamp evoke images of a hair dryer? I picture this funky lamp sitting beside two hot pink chairs in a hair salon with a black and white Linoleum floor. And under the dryer is John Travolta. The outrageous lamp is yours for the taking...hurray up to the Collinsville Antiques Company of New Hartford, Connecticut where the lamp sits in Arnie's booth waiting to be fed!.

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