Thursday, November 1, 2012

Painting Papers With Folded Glossy Postcards For Mixed Media Collages

 Postcards folded up and used to paint with.
Making A Good Mess In My Art Studio

Finally after all these years, my dream came true, I have a lovely art studio. I can make a mess and leave  things in place undisturbed from one day to the next.  Yesterday after storm Sandy, I returned to my studio and let loose with making painted papers for mixed media collages on paper.

Painting Old Book Pages Or Drawing Paper

I like to paint with old glossy promotional postcards that come in the mail. I fold them up and use them to swipe paint across my paper.  I love this method because  at the end of a painting session I do not have brushes to clean. I am for anything that does not require  too much cleaning.

  Painted papers that will be ripped and reassembled into collages.
Often I use the pages out of an old book to paint over. Yesterday, I actually worked with drawing paper. I am curious to see today how drawing paper will tear and paste instead of my usual old book pages.

 Painted papers were reassembled in this collage.
Art Inspired By 1950s Designs

My work  is inspired by Mid Century palettes and designs.  Abstract design from the 1950s are  especially pleasing to me. Yesterday I was in a mustard gold, grey, orange palette. I then fulled around with some greens to see if I could introduce yet a touch of another color.  The completed artwork shown to the left is being framed as I write and was from torn painted papers with a little different palette (brighter  yellow and turquoise accents).

This week I added a toned down gold.Frankly I think I was more into the 60s than 50s.  this week. My how storm Sandy muddied my brain. We shall see what happens today.

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  1. Hi C. D. Z.

    Your works bring to mind certain Joan Miro paintings. Great idea to use alternative disposable items. Way to think outside the brush!