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Avis Turner: Illustrator, Mixed Media Painter, Sculptor Of Butterflies, Nature, Spiritual Figures: Studio 5B Farmington Valley Arts Center Candlelight Opening, November 16th, 2012

Butterflies In Mixed Media Art  

Artist Avis Turner Farmington Valley Arts Center

When one of my adored art friends and mentors left the area to spend time abroad, she gifted me a beautiful collage of a butterfly. This piece had  more meaning to me than she probably had intended. I looked at it as a torch that she was passing on to me.  As if she was saying, " here, I am leaving but you can now soar to new heights on your own".

Butterflies And Metamorphosis

The mixed media collage sat in my closet for awhile, awaiting the time when I would frame up a few pieces of artwork ready for hanging. That special day arrived, when the butterfly collage was released from  the dark closet and it was matted and framed . It's new home is in my living room in a spot that I can look at easily each evening. The artwork reminds me of transition and change.

The Meaning Of Butterflies 

Artist Avis Turner Farmington Valley Arts Center
Butterfies are not only special to me, they are special to others as well.  A close friend talks to the butterflies that surround her patio deck. To her they represent her mom who left this earth a few years ago. But my friend  looks to the butterflies that linger on her deck's plants as a sign that mom is nearby and watching over her.

Catching Butterflies As Children

As children, many of us remember owning butterfly nets.  We playfully pranced around our yards trying to catch these colorful insects  so that we could pop them into an old peanut butter jar with a punched hole lid and blades of grass for nourishment.  For many of us it was our first  experience with nature and bringing the natural beauty into our homes.

Butterflies Represent Solace, Wonderment, Hope, Spirituality, Freedom, Rebirth, Energy

The butterfly has represented  solace, wonderment, hope and change to people for generations  all over the globe. Each culture has understood the butterfly in special ways from a symbol of the soul to the secret wish of our inner spirit waiting to be released.

Avis Turner: An Artist Who Draws And Paints Butterflies

 Artist Avis Turner Farmington Valley Arts Center
One artist who is most associated with drawings and mixed media paintings of butterflies and other winged beings and Nike figures is Avis Turner, a Farmington Valley, CT artist and educator. Avis maintains an art studio at The Farmington Valley Arts Center (FVAC) in Avon, CT, a perfect place for an artist who studies and paints "botanical hybrids" , seed pods and moth orchids.

Farmington Valley Arts Center: Natural Campus For  
Artists, Painters, Sculptors 

Nestled in the woods in a lovely country setting, The Farmington Valley Arts Center is a special campus where artists like Avis Turner can let loose in their artwork and get lost in "translucent layers of science, mystical geometry and doses of quantum physics". Avis is also known for her bronze figurative creations which can be viewed as angels or "materializations of natural spirits"

 Sculptor-Artis Avis Turner
Avis Brings Energy To FVAC  

Avis is herself a high spirited, enthusiastic, exciting artist  with a effervescent personality who has been making art and sharing her talents with students for three decades. She has a strong influence on the other artists at the FVAC and has been able to bring a great deal of energy to FVAC.

Candlelight Opening Event

 Avis even found butterfly wine.
This weekend and for many coming weeks  during the holiday season  Avis and 20 plus other artists at the Farmington Valley Arts Center will open their studios to the public .This Friday night, November 16th, 2012, you can visit Avis in her studio 5B for the opening of the Candlelight Season Event 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

There is a real festival atmosphere during Candlelight Opening as complimentary refreshments are served in all studios and the two galleries are open with holiday gifts  and artwork from local and regional artists.

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