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Vintage Inspired Christmas Gifts And Decorations You Can Make

Handmade Vintage Christmas Gifts And Decorations

 From Pink Grapefruit Style on Etsy
Ho ho ho, it is that time of the year to talk about vintage inspired Christmas gift and decoration ideas. If you will allow me some creative license,  I shall refer to this topic as using vintage Christmas tchotchkes to create adorable and colorful holiday decor and gifts.

Christmas Tchotchkes

Now combining a yiddish word "tsotchkes" with making homemade Christmas decorations  is an interesting combination of words isn't it... "Christmas tsotchkes".  It's like "bagels and eggnog" or "rugelach and hot apple cider"  a nostalgic MIX of wonderful traditions.  

What's Nu In Christmas Crafts?

From Pink Grapefruit Style on Etsy
So what's nu in Christmas schmaltz?  O.k. I'll try to contain myself but the Christmas joy is making me kvell. All the holiday bling, ring, blitz-en and razzle dazzle is enough to make gefilte fish swim up stream.

Even if you were  born without the gene that allows you to tolerate the taste and smell of gefilte fish, you too can find your inner Christmas balabuster.  

This is a special time of the year when even left brained gals (and guys) can channel my Aunt Dotty, who left a legacy of handmade pincushions, sponge cake and home sewn slipcovers to her adoring family and friends.

How To Be A Christmas Balabuster

I am going to pretend that I am a Christmas balabuster, a homemaker extraordinaire who will guide  you through the enchanted  world of nostalgic and vintage Christmas kitsch and crafts.
Have Yourself a Very Vintage Christmas: Crafts, Decorating Tips, and Recipes, 1920s-1960s (Hardcover) 1584799234

Making Handmade Christmas Gifts And Decoration:Ideas For A Schmaltzy Christmas
1. Vintage Tablecloth christmas pillows

2. Vintage Cookbook birdhouse

3. Christmas Pinecone Trees

4. Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Ball Ornament


6. Vintage Christmas Hanky As Decor

Christmas Hanky Vintage Holiday Decor Holly Berries & Poinsettias 1950's era

7 . Costume Jewelry Holiday Wrapping Paper

wrapped packages.jpg

8. Vintage Sheet Music Christmas Tree

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