Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Quirky Antique Displays At The English Building Market, New Haven, Ct

Kitschy Retro In Downtown New Haven, CT 

It was great to back at the kitschy English Building Market on Chapel Street in  downtown New Haven, CT.  Usually open on Sundays, last week the store was closed to the public because of a special film shoot which was in progress. But the gals were great and they let me photograph the new finds so I could share them with my readers.

I have written about this antique store before in my an earlier post called  "Retro, Vintage, Kitsch At The English Building Market". I must say that every time I visit,  the store has bold exciting displays and fresh merchandise.

Quirky Colorful Antique Displays

If you want to get an idea of what The English Building Market is, banish any stuffy antique store
from your mind. Instead think of this hip Dimestore throwback as similar in feel to the famed Anthropologie retail chain. Anthropologie is known for their quirky displays of colorful goods using  industrial props, vintage vignettes and retro kitsch.

Getting Funky With Imagination

It is always amazing to me how funky one can get with a little imagination. The English Building Market loves to marry 1970s with 1950s or mod 60's with 30's. The expansive showroom is stuffed with vintage, metro-retro and  
unique finds.

Chapel Street Attracts College Students  

Downtown New Haven is home to Yale University and an area which attracts many twenty-thirty something students  and
professionals. The English Building Market  is a popular  store for young people who like thrifty decorating and retro clothing. During my visit the store was buzzing with young gals dressing up in 1940s-1950s furs and bling for a photo shoot.

Eclectic Collectors

Collectors of all genres will enjoy the wide variety of retro departments at this enormous store. You will find industrial furnishings, office collectibles, sewing notions, textiles furniture, kitchenwares, baking tins and cookware, artwork, linens, glassware, lighting, flatware, clothing, pottery, luggage, maps, globes,  beauty collectibles and more.

The English Building Markets
839 Chapel Street, New Haven, CT

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