Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Pottery Spectrum Studio Celebrates Twenty Years At The Farmington Valley Arts Center: Come Visit During Candlelight Opening, November 16th, 2012, 6:00-9:00 p.m.

Ginny August And Betsy Gardiner Celebrate Twenty Years At Farmington Valley Arts Center

 Betsey Gardiner
This Friday evening, November 16th, 2012, The Pottery Spectrum will be open to the public during the annual kick off of Candlelight Season  at The Farmington Valley Arts Center is Avon, CT  Ginny August and Betsy Gardiner are celebrating their 20th year at The Farmington Valley Center and are getting ready to observe this special milestone with a studio packed with stunning ceramics, functional pottery, decorative  arts,  holiday and nature inspired  pottery and more.

Pottery Inspired By Nature 

 Betsy Gardiner
I took a tour of the studio yesterday and fell in love with so many pieces. Betsy likes to work close to nature and has many delightful dishes, vessels, cups, serving pieces with leaf motifs and other earthy influences.

New Ceramic Series With Stamped Designs

 Ginny August
Ginny has just completed an exquisite white and patterned pottery series which involves the techniques of stamping designs onto your work.

 Betsy Gardiner

What Is The Difference Between Pottery And Ceramics?

 Betsy Gardiner
These gals have been at their craft for a long time, so I asked Betsy and Ginny... what is the difference between the terms "pottery" and "ceramics" ? After  our brief chat,  I was so fascinated about the topic that I did some more homework. Here is what I learned.  Pottery generally refers to containers or vessels made from clay. Potters can "throw" clay on a wheel or build pots by hand. Commercial pottery is mass produced in factories. Studio pottery is crafted by artisans who have mastered their own individual style.

 Ginny August

What Are Ceramics?

Ceramics is an umbrella term referring to materials which are completely changed by heat. Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain, Bone china are examples of whiteware ceramics.

Ceramics are used both in industry as well as for the home. For example, pipes and roof tiles can be ceramic, but so can tableware and cookware. Clay is not the only material used in making ceramics. Industrial ceramics might include such materials as silica carbide and zirconium oxide.

Functional Pottery At The Pottery Spectrum 

 Ginny August
At the Pottery Spectrum you will find tableware, cookware, tiles, figurative sculptures such as angels, masks etc. made from clay. Ginny and Betsy are often seen at the wheel with their denim pottery aprons busy  at work. The process of preparing the clay, forming the object, decorating or stamping the piece, glazing and firing is a long journey. As you will see in these photos, Ginny and Betsy are quite accomplished at their craft.

Artful Giving: HowAbout Pottery For The Holidays

As I was photographing these beautiful works of art, I really appreciated just how lovely the holidays would be with a table set with handmade bowls, platters, serving  dishes. There are many color palettes and styles to choose from.

 Ginny August
This year at The Farmington Valley  Arts Center the theme is Artful Giving.  For sure, the ceramics and pottery at The Pottery Spectrum are special gifts for  the holidays ....a studio not to miss.   Candlelight event starts Friday evening, November 16th and  continues the following day with Saturday daytime hours. See poster below for schedule and events.

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